Thursday, July 11, 2013

July 10, 2013

With Jennie
                                       & Hermana White

Sisters Sirrine

District Hermanas

Hola Familia!!
Well.. I survived the first week! ... It was sorta a blur. You get SO MUCH information all in a matter of a couple days and your teachers are only teaching in spanish and so you pretty much have a headache and an overwhelming feeling for the first couple days. It does get better though! I have now made it through a whole week at the CCM (mtc in Spanish). Everyone said if you can just make it to Sunday you will be fine. Well I did. and I am so proud of myself :)

I have just one companion, which I am super grateful for because I hear it's hard to keep track of two other people and take them everywhere. I LOVE HER! Her name is Hermana White and she if from Price, UT. She is so cute! We are SO bad at Spanish. Like, real bad. I mean you guys know what level of spanish I was at... Yeah, she's even worse. Ha! We sound like total gringos. And we conjugate nothing. Or if we do it's wrong, but hey we are trying and at least it is not Mandarin Chinese!

The second full day (friday) we taught our first investigator. to say it was rough would be an understatement. Hugely. I bore the EXACT same testimony about 4 or 5 times in the lesson. I honestly cant even remember what we taught about... and we would ask a question and Juan would rattle off his answer, all we could do was smile and say 'bien' over and over. Definitely humbling. We have now taught him 4 times and we have improved drastically!!!!!! The last lesson was amazing! We got in there and at first it was a lot of nodding and smiling, but we really were able to make the Spirit the teacher. I think the key was teaching a person, and not just a lesson containing what little spanish we did know. Also, I totally got a taste of the gift of tongues. I was somehow able to recall random stuff that I had learned and say it (not conjugated or in the right order of course) in the most round about way. Poor guy. But We said what we needed to and you could feel the spirit so strongly. He's getting baptized! haha It was great. (even though it's a fake scene... i love it. and I love him!)

I have seen danai a couple times, which is great! We just randomly see each other here or there. Poor thing is sick... at least she was when i saw her at the temple walk on Sunday. Oh man! The temple is closed for 6 weeks! and guess when it re-opens? Yep, Aug 13 and my theoretical ship out date is AUG12. Bummer. I wont go the whole time I am here unless my visa doesn't come and I have to say here longer and get reassigned. (Oh, by the way everyone please pray for my Visa!!! God can do miracles with faith! Unless he really wants me somewhere in the states for a wee bit. Then he will make my visa come when he actually wants me in Argentina, But pray for it anyway :) )

Okay, here's a little about daily life. It might be boring... but it's what i do :)
Most days we are up at 6:30, except on Tues and Wed those days we wake up at 6 because we have a 6:05 gym time tues and 6:05 service time on wed. But we don't get to go to bed until 10:30 so our day is 30 minutes longer than everyone Else's. It's sorta rough. Sometimes staying awake during the many many hours of study or devotionals is rough. The cafeteria food is not terrible. It's actually pretty good, but i have only been here for a week. The fruit here is good! I have had cantaloupe at almost every meal, and definitely every day. Its yummy! I hope i don't get sick of it... I swear I am going to gain a million pounds here because there is yummy ice cream or cake or cookies at every meal. I need to be strong and resist....i have this problem with drawing on myself.... every skirt and most shirts that i have worn have pen on them. I don't know how it happens... but it is bad. No me gusta. Hopefully it comes out in the wash today....

I have the WEIRDEST cravings here! First of all carrots. Surprise right? ha the carrots they have look three days old. I ate them once... but it really was not worth it. Also i crave ramen. Don't know why, but i do. Milky ways too... and one day I was craving zucchini like you would not believe. Strange.. At least i can get my grapefruit fix cada dia.

I am real good at getting ready quickly, and so is my companion. We beat our elders to class every morning which is ironic seeing as they have no hair or make up to put on. Mostly I don't spend a lot of time on my appearance anyway. It's not like I am trying to impress anyone. I  just try not to look totally dishevelled.
Pretty much this place is great. the spirit is totally amazing and I love having time to study every single day. Sometimes it feels like to much time... but it is amazing none the less. Its crazy to think I've been here a week.. in some ways it feels like it's been WAY longer, and in some ways it feels super short. I loved seeing the new missionaries come in today with the exact same lost expression I was wearing last week! But the Lord loves me and I 've got this!
Oh, here's a good scripture reference... Doctrine & Covenants 68:6
~Hermana Sirrine 

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