Monday, December 30, 2013

December 30, 2013 Familia!

Pretty sunset.

This is the real us.  We are not super cute all the time :)  HNA Standly is the Amarican.  HNA Matamoros is the Latino.

Me and my comps at our Christmas shindig. I did my hair, put on make up and took of my glasses. Everyone was stunned. Some of my old comps didn't recognize me.

HNA Sanchez, Me, HNA Fernandez, don't know, HNA White. Sanchez y Fernandez were my comps in Caballito


All the elders at our luncheon
Wow this past week has been really different, but really good! First of all Christmas, obviously is different here. They really celebrate the 24th more than the 25th. On the 24th we had a lunch with the whole mission. It was really cool to be with that many missionaries again! Then we went to a bunch of member houses and ate tons of really good food! It was also the hottest Christmas Eve ever, for me. I think the members said it was around 40 degrees celsius. Which is about 105, and the humidity was brutal. I have never felt so disgusting in all my life.

Another different thing has been working in the office. We have had tons of phones transferred between areas, so I had to call every area and confirm that the number we had listed was with the area that we had listed. For most of them I was totally good, I would ask my question, say thanks, and Hang up. However, sometimes people would start asking me questions like I actually know things and can understand them. We all got a kick out of it. Then for the rest of the week I was helping work on the Mission History. One really cool part of it is the Spiritual Experiences from the departing missionaries. They all write a spiritual experience before they leave, and I get to type them all up. It has been really cool to read what the most impressionable spiritual experience was for each of the missionaries. What an amazing thing the mission is! ( this also has helped me make a resolution to have good handwriting... I should probably improve my spelling too...) (note from Mom:  yes, readers, MANY words get fixed before blog is posted!)

I think that I mentioned last week that we are living in the pension where the AP`s used to live and they are living with the office Elders for now.  Well one of the reasons that they chose to go there was because the pension for the Office elders is bigger, and better for 5 people. That was all fine and dandy until we got a call that two of the Tigre sisters were coming to live with us because their pension was a literal oven. SOOO now there are 5 of us in a one bedroom apartment. It´s cozy. However, what a huge blessing that the elders were able to find us another fan so that we don´t all have to sleep in the same room! (it is impossible to sleep without a fan it is so hot)

The Best Ice cream sandwich you will ever eat in your entire life
I feel like I have officially served a foreign mission, because I have now taken a shower using only a bucket. Yep. I am not lying. Saturday morning we woke up and the first Sister showered, and comes out saying that we only have hot water in the bathroom. And the water is hot. It burned me our first day here. So that would not work. However, oddly we still had cold water in the kitchen so the rest of us got a bucket, filled it with cold water, and used it to shower. It wasn't as bad as you would think, but  we didn't feel completely clean. By the last sister, we had NO water (don't worry she did get to shower.. sorta). Yeah seriously we had no water. Because of the heat everyone is using their AC non stop or a million fans and too much energy is being sucked so some places have not had light, and when the energy goes, usually so does the water. Dad, I have so much more respect for your water storage. It became quickly apparent how necessary water is. We had to go to a member's house to fill up our water bottles, because we would have died in this heat without any water to drink. I have never been so happy as I was when the water came back around 10 that night. We had heard it might be a couple days and we would have to buy water or carry it in jugs... I can't even fathom that.

Daily Milagros
23-We had a great first lesson with a man named Leonardo. The spirit was so strong! Ti originally started with him not being interested and just wanting English Lessons, but it turned into a lesson (missionaries are real good at that). At the end, I said a simple, yet fervent prayer asking that Leo could be blessed in his life and be able to know the truth of what we taught. Then after I finished he asked us if he could try it too! So, he said a prayer, and it was so great! He also asked us to write down the steps so that he could practice on his own. It was so cool!
24-We went to this Peruvian family´s house and they totally just enveloped us into their huge family. We didn't feel awkward like we were totally crashing their Christmas, but rather a total feeling of love. It was really great especially because we have only been here for a week ( Well the other sisters have, I've  been here 3 days.) and we felt so loved.
25-Skyping my family! I am so glad that we have the technology to do that now!!
26- I talked on the phone. Up to this point I have avoided it like the plague...
27- Usually I can´t spell or type to save my life. (is that a surprise to any of you??) However, today I had about a 90% accuracy rate in both English AND Spanish as I typed up spiritual Experiences. I felt pretty good about myself.
28-Today we had no water.  We went to our lunch appointment and they were not there. Soo seeing as we had no real food in our apartment, we went and bought pizza. Turns out a member works there. We asked her if she had water and told her we did not, and then ordered our pizza. The way this place works is they deliver, so we left and went to wait at our apartment. At this point we had drunk the water in our bottles and were sorta dying. When the pizza guy delivered, we paid for our pizza and then he said, "Oh! I have something else for you," and then gave us a 2 liter bottle of juice, and said "no charge". We wanted to cry we were so happy to have liquid!
29-Today I finished the Book of Mormon in Spanish!    I was so happy. I love that book. I know with all my heart that it is true! I started it in the MTC, so this took me a little longer than the English version, but it is so amazing. It´s interesting, even when I couldn't understand what I was reading, I could feel the spirit and know that it was true.

Overall this has been great. I am so grateful for the blessing of the last six months. Even though it is really hard sometimes, I would not trade this experience for the world. Overall I know that I have grown so much! Its really interesting to look back at what I have done and where I have been and see where I am now. I am so excited for this next year and to see where I will be a year from now. I know that this gospel is so true. I am so grateful for it. I am grateful for the knowledge that I can be with my family forever. I am so grateful for the Savior and his atonement.

I love you all and Hope that you are all well and Happy!
Love, Hermana Sirrine

Christmas Tree made out of Garbage. NO kidding.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

December 23, 2013 Almost Christmas!

Hola Familia!

This week was the best! I think part of it was because I have hardly been able to work and so this week I loved the fact that I was teaching. Also my companions are really great and lots of fun! I´m starting to get the language... well I don´t feel like I am running around with my head cut off at least :) So that is really nice. It´s really funny when I am talking to people and I think I make sense, but by looking at their face it is super obvious that they have no Idea what I am saying. Also, I have had companions from 3 different Latino countries, I am now on the fourth, and so my accent is weird. Well it´s North American, but then some words sound totally Columbian, others Argentine, and others we just don´t know.

This week we got dropped by one of our investigators.  It was sorta sad. I think that she knows there is a lot of good in our church, but has law of chastity issues and doesn't want to change. It´s a bummer. NO one here is married... however it was really weird, we had several lessons with her this week and every single one of them she brought up the law of chastity! EVERY TIME! It didn't matter what we were talking about, plan of salvation, prayer, word of wisdom, every time she brought it right back to the law of chastity. At least I am pretty good at talking about it now! Before my vocabulary was a little lacking, but you best believe I can successfully deliver a law of chastity lesson now.

However, on the upside of the investigators, we had two at church! They are a couple (not married, shocker) They are so great, and this past week they read part of the Book of Mormon together as a family (they have 3 kids)! And they were at church! I am so excited, because I know that Jaqueline is really meditating and searching for an answer! I hope that I can go back to Caballito and see them baptized!
I have started to not like air conditioning. It´s too cold. Hardly anyone has it except the church. Pretty much it´s just real hot always. Oh, and íts humid hot, sometimes we go in someones house and it´s just like an oven. Fan´s are my best friend.

Downside of this week, my foot is a burning fire of something. I would get to about five o´clock and be limping or hurting really bad. I have been taking Ibuprofin casi cada dia por casi dos mezes ahora, and I am sorta worried about effects on my stomach. However even with everything I am doing, I am not seeing an improvement in my foot. SOOOOO shocker, once again I am being moved. So yay new comps. So now I am in an area that has the mission offices. There are sisters that are opening an area here and so I will go to the offices after studies in the morning, work there till 5 or so when Sister Lyons (she and her husband are a senior couple) goes home. And then at that point I will go work with the sisters. At least I have something to do all day. Sitting at home was pretty brutal. So I will be an office sister, part time and out proselyting in the noches. Hopefully this will give my foot a chance to heal, while I am still working. If it doesnt´,,,, well we don't know.

The sisters that are here, like I mentioned, are opening an area, and were living with the Lyons because they can´t move into their apartment until the first of the year. However, there is not space for ANTOTHER sister in their apartment, so we moved into the AP´s apartment. Don´t you fret, they moved out and in with the office elders. You would think ´Oh, the AP´s are responsible, they probably have a nice clean apartment¨´ nope you thought wrong. It was terrible. And it has collected a ton of stuff from elders who are now home. SO they said, "sorry sisters... you can clean  and throw out what you want". You best believe we cleaned. It was so bad. However now it seems way bigger. I guess it´s the least we can do because this whole thing is a mess.

Totally awesome moment from this week:  We were talking to a recent convert through the window, and there was this man who was totally listening and you could tell he wanted to talk to us. So we said "hi" and he came up and asked us if we were from the Mormon church. We said "why yes, we are" and he then started asking lots of questions. They started out totally normal, and then it became very apparent he had read anti and wanted to get us to say something so he could prove us wrong. Sister Sanchez has never encountered that, and sister Fernandez is new and doesn't talk a whole lot, so yep, I was the one answering. It was so cool to feel the power of the spirit as I just testified of what I know is true, because I knew he really wasn't going to listen a whole lot. He just wanted to contend. It was funny because he quickly realized that nothing he would say was going to change my conviction of what I knew to be true. He also couldn´t say much after I told him that if he doesn´t read the Book of Mormon he can´t tell me it´s wrong, and so he left. It´s funny how hard people(and Santánas) work to prove us wrong. They could be really good missionaries if they would convert!

Daily Miracles:
Dic 17- We found a new investigator!" Her name is Jessi and she is so sweet!
Dic 18- My comps are so great! They are dedicated and really hard workers! I love them so much!
Dic 19 We had a thing at the church and they asked me to play piano. (Pretty much if you wear a skirt and a black name tag you can play piano) so I got to sit and play Christmas songs for 30 minutes of so . It was so great!! It really helped it to feel like Christmas.
Dic 20- I was SO happy today. I mean things still fell through, my ankle is still on fire, and it was HOT, but today was SO good. I was so content. I really think learning to be content is the key to life.
Dic 21- We were able to have an unplanned lesson with familia Salas and the member that we brought bore a really strong testimony. Then they  committed to  come to church tomorrow!
Dic 22- Jorge y Jaqueline Salas came to church today! It was so great to see them there! It took 4 weeks of working with them but they finally came. YAY!

I love you all and I hope that this week is the greatest for all! I hope that you remember WHY we have Christmas, and think about what gift you can give Christ this year, seeing as he has given us everything.
I just want you all to know that I know with all of my heart that this is the true church. I know that Christ lives and that through him we can become clean and pure. I know That he restored his church through Joseph Smith. I know that through the power of Christ, Joseph was able to translate the Book of Mormon. I testify that it is a true book. I know that it can help anyone. I know that the book of Mormon is the key to happiness, and through it´s pages we can come to know Christ. I have no doubt that it is through living the commandments that we are able to live with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ again.

I am so grateful for this opportunity to see this gospel change lives. Thank you all for your love and support! You mean the world to me.

Con Todo mi Corózon,
Hermana Sirrine
3 Nephi 13:5

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

December 17, 2013 Hola! What a weird week!

Beautiful sunset!

Amazing view from our balcony


Wow, what a weird week! I left the house twice, let´s just say the small pension got smaller. Good thing it had cute yellow walls. So pretty much the set up was I was always in the house and since I went where there was a trio, they rotated who stayed home with me. The Sisters are amazing! I was with Hermana Sanchez (not my old comp, and she is from Guatemala), Hermana Standly (from Provo, Utah, and she speaks like a native because she was smart and paid attention in Spanish class), and Hermana Fernandez (she is from ARG and she is waiting for her visa to Mexico. She leaves mid January I think). They were so great. I will totally admit there were some really long days, but overall it went pretty quick.
Me and my two comps: Hmna Sanchez on left, Hmna Fernandez middle

Today was transfers, and we all had a really strong feeling that Hermana Standly and I were leaving. Last night we got the calls, and no surprise, Hermana Standly se va. Y Yo no fui! En serio! (Google translate says:  "Hermana Standly leaves and I did not!  Seriously!) So My area is with these awesome girls here in Cabillito. I am so excited. So now I have two native companions. Man am I gunna learn. We were all super surprised to hear that! It´s crazy, pretty much my entire mission has been change after change. These girls are my 10th and 11th companions, and this is my 6th area. I have been out for less than 6 months. I cannot even fathom what it is like for some of these missionaries who have 6 or 7 months in one area! Weird!
I´m also really excited to meet the investigators we have. I have helped plan for them, and studied for them, and heard all about them... and now I get to meet them! I´m excited!

Me and Hermana Standly put together a list of things about Argentina. I will try and not repeat what I have already sent, but thought this might be enjoyable.
-A lot of people don´t flush their toilet paper. Actually most of them don´t. It´s not like the plumbing is really bad... . but in some areas it is so it´s a habit.
-Latinos leave food out forever. Doesn't matter what kind of food it is.
-Most houses don´t have AC so windows are always open. We are lucky, our pension has a small AC unit in the bedroom so we can run it at night. It is bliss
-Everyone has a dog. Everyone´s dog has a dog.
-The bread is SINFULLY good. Seriously
-You have not eaten good ice cream unless you have had it here
-Doors lock from both sides
-Milk comes in bags. So does mayo
-There are bars on every window and doors are real sturdy. Lots of them have bars too.

Some insights that I had this week: (I would tell you about the work.. but my studies were about my extent....)
We are not meant to fit a mold. God does not want or need cookie cutter missionaries, or cookie cutter members for that matter. The gospel is to make good better and better best, not to make everyone the same. This is something that probably sounds stupid, but was a really big thing for me to realize. I think we sometimes as missionaries try to be the same and lose our personalities, when in reality God needs all of us to be unique, because the people we are helping are unique.

The power of Prayer. Well actually, the power of a RIGHT prayer. Over and over in the scriptures we read that if we ask, it will be given. BUT it also says that if we ask, and it is right, we will be given. I think this is the key. If you notice, in many instances when Book of Mormon heroes are liberated, they pray for the Strength to change their circumstances, not to have their circumstances changed. Nephi is a great example of this. When he is bound, he prays for the strength to burst the bands. He still had to make an effort to break them, but with the added strength of the Lord he was able to do so. SOOOO here´s the epiphany. So many times when I have been going through hard times, I have prayed for the circumstances to be different or changed. However, all my life I haven´t been going about it the right way. What we need to pray for more is the strength and guidance to change our circumstances. For example, I should not pray to know the language. But I need to pray for the diligence to listen and learn and have the perseverance to learn this language. Interesting. Along with that thought, the enabling power of the atonement is SO COOL! and amazing, and pretty much I would be nothing with out it. I know with all of my heart that he is with me always and sustaining me physically and spiritually. I hope you all can know and feel that too.

Daily Miracles:

9 Dic- The Tri that I joined has 2 natives, and the other sister talks like a native but is from the states. I am amazed at how much I can understand. I am learning. YAY!
10 Dic- Laughing till it hurts
11 Dic- Today I had the best study time. I was on a spiritual High. I love the scriptures so much!
12 Dic- Today I was sitting on the balcony watching the sunset. It was beautiful! Absolutely lovely. I was filled with such a peace and calming reassurance that god loves me and is with me, I just need to ´look up´and see him.
13 Dic- Hermana Standly told me that she loved having a day to talk and joke and laugh and also do it in English. I am so glad that my presence has been able to help her.
14 DIc- I got to leave the house to go to lunch at the bishop's house!
15 Dic- Today I got to take the sacrament. The lesson in Sunday school had been on repentance, so I was already thinking about Christ and his Atonement, so the sacrament was extra special today. It is truly amazing the literal lifting of a burden that you can feel as you repent, and then take the sacrament.
16 Dic-  The time to have a deep spiritual conversation with Hermana Standly and really refocus and think about what I want in the mission.

Well I love you all like crazy! I hope that you are enjoying the cold (for those of you that have it) and that you think about your Savior and how much he loves you right now!
Les quierro con todo mi corozón!
Hermana Sirrine

Friday, December 13, 2013

December 9, 2013 Hello! Hello!


This has been probably the most humbling, difficult, and spiritual week of my life. Due to my ankle, this past week I have been on crutches. For those of you who have had crutches, you can empathize. For those who have not, I pray you never get to experience it.  Let´s just say I have not worked out my upper body in a REALLY long time. So, we were only going to set appointments (there was no way I could crutch around Belgrano. I thought the sidewalkes were peligroso before...) However, even doing this was extremely painful. I thought that I had learned to pray before, but this week put an entirely new meaning. I have never had to physically rely on the Lord more in my entire life. I felt a LITTLE bit of what the Savior might have felt as he physically suffered to bring salvation to others. Sometimes I just wanted to sit down and cry, but I knew that if we did not go to our appointment this person would not have the spirit in their life that day. There were times where I litteraly felt the Savior help carry me in order to make it a few blocks.
Due to not being able to work a lot, I have tons of study time this week. I loved it. I mean I wanted to be out working so bad, but I love learning about the savior and his teachings. It is especially exciting when I am reading in Spanish and really understand it! This week I really studied Alma 38:5. I am not sure what it says in english... but in Spanish it says ´en proporcion de tu confianza en dios, será librado de tus affliciones etc.... i love that. In proportion to the amount of trust we put in God, we will be liberated from our trials. What a humbling concept.

Having so much time not working really made it special to teach. It definitely made it so that I really tried to put all my attention right then in that moment, because it would be a while before I could teach again.
This upcoming week however, I will not be going out much. They found someone who is looking at serving a mission to be a mini missionary for a week with my companion, so I am going to a different area that has a tri and they will rotate sisters to stay in the house with me. This is quite unfortunate, for them and me, but I need to help my ankle heal, because if it does not... I cant exactly work. So yeah this will be interesting. Then Tuesday is transfers so we will see where I will be next week!

Random tidbit about Argentina, they use Vos (you). It is like vosotros.  I am not sure all of the differences (I am still working on the other 5 conjugations I do use...). As missionaries we are not aloud to use it. it´s pretty casual, and uses the same (I think) conjugations as vosotros. This puts a different spin on understanding! However, it is easier to say vos than usted...

Also, everyone and their dog has a dog here. Seriously. I don´t know how because the apartments are not real big and there is not a lot of park space here. One job that this creates it the job of walking the dog. Yes this is a real big person job. They walk about 10 dogs at the same time! It´s quite interesting to see. Dogs of every size all in this big clump. I am amazed that they get along.

Daily Miracles:
Dic 2- My relationship with my companion feels like it is improving. I have never worked at a relationship more in my entire life!
Dic 3- the elders here are so amazing. I know they did not have time, but they went and picked up crutches, and then our lunch. They are so willing to do anything to help us out. I feel really bad because I know they are busy but at the same time I am so grateful for them!
4 Dic- Today we had the best lesson with Samuel. When I was talking about the Savior and his atonement, I could really feel the power of the spirit. It was really cool to see someone hear and understand for the first time that Christ is their personal savior and knows all their challenges, and how to succor them. At the end of the lesson he told us he knows it is true! I was so happy I wanted to jump up and hug him! (dont worry I refrained) it was really amazing to see how happy he was!
Dic 5- I am so grateful for my knowledge of the Savior. Today I literally felt him lift me and help me to physically do what I needed to do.
dic 6- Today I had the thought to call Anna, and investigator that we had a first lesson with but have not been able to have an appointment with for two weeks, and she answered and we got an appointment for tomorrow! I am so happy!
Dic 7- Today we went to go ask Samuel why he didn't show up to his appointment yesterday, and he was talking with some guy. Hna Snachez didnt want to interrupt them and just go to our next appointment, but I couldn't fathom walking at the moment, so we went up and talked to them. As I was sharing the scripture, Alejandro (the guy mentioned earlier) was riveted. He was super interested in what we had to say, so YAY! New investigator! Oh, and he accepted a baptismal date! WooHOo!
Dic 8-I have the best mission president in the whole entire world.

Les Quierro Monton!
Con todo mi corozón,
Hermana Sirrine

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

December 2, 2013 I have been here a month....

There is a Statue of Liberty in a park here!


Happy late Thanksgiving! Yes, mom, I did think about it. We have Americans in our ward and they made sure to remind me :)

This week was a medical adventure. Thursday we went to the doctor to get my foot X-rayed, and we had to go to a specific doctor.  It was up to us to figure out how to get there. Oh, and it was way far away. It ended up being about 2 hours by bus to get there! Lets just say I am real glad that my comp can speak and understand Spanish because we asked a TON of people for directions! It was super great. Dont´you fret, its not broken, however I have a consult today with some other doctor about the ligaments or something. I am not exactly sure seeing as I don´t speak Spanish... but my comp does and she talked with the mission nurse and they said I need to go. So pray that it goes well!

Donating blood! Yay!
On Saturday we got to donate blood! It was so great! It was really funny to see all the elders freaking out. Some of them were such pansies about it! The nurses there were really impressed at how many of us missionaries came to donate blood. Especially because so many of us are North American and it is not ever ´´our people´´ we are helping. When my blood was being sucked I had a nice 5 minute conversation with the nurse about why we are here and what we are doing. I am not sure if anything will come of it, but at least she knows that we are good people and helping others. (Dont worry mom, it was totally sanitary)
Me and my District Leader after donating

The past couple days President told me that I need to rest and stay off my foot, because it has been a month and it is not getting any better. So this meant I had plenty of study time. I loved it. I studied a lot about 3 Nephi 5:13. ´´For behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, Son of God. I have been called by him to declare his word among his people so they can have eternal life´´ ( I think that is correct, I have it memorized in Spanish and don't have an English BOM close)  I was amazed as I studied the power in this scripture. Read it and contemplate it, even if you are not called as a full time missionary, God has commanded all of us to share the gospel.

As I was studying it I read a lot about what a disciple is. A very simple definition I came up with is a disciple is a pupil or follower. A disciple Acts, Loves, and Gives all. Sorta changed my perspective on what it means to be a disciple of Christ.

We don´t have much success by way of numbers or missionary work right now, but we are trying. However, I can totally feel the change in me. I am starting to understand the baptism by fire concept. Sometimes things have to fall apart so that other things can fall into place. Just like when a wild fire occurs, it is painful and it seems like it is devastating, but it gives opportunity for new things to grow and take their place. I can feel this in me. I know that I have learned things in the past month that I could have learned no other way. A quote that I read and really liked is "We are never left to walk alone, no matter how dark your pathway". -Tomas S. Monson. I know that this statement is true. I have no doubt that our savior is constantly with us. He loves us and is aware of all of our needs. Only with his help can we reach our potential and become the person that we can. I know that He Lives. I am more sure of that now than I have ever been. I know that this gospel is the only way that we can return to Christ, and the only way to find true happiness.

Daily miracles:

Nov 25- I got the best letter from Leigh. It was totally positive, and exactly what I needed!
Nov 26- We had a lesson with a recent convert/ less active member and the members that we had with us were so perfect. It was especially great because he is super hard to find at home and so when we can teach him it is great!
nov 27- We had a lesson with Louis (recent convert). Every other lesson fell through, I think we had 4, so we were super happy to have a lesson with him. He is 12 but you can tell that he really knows that it is true!
Nov 28- We did not get lost in Camino going to the hospital today!
Nov 29- We had President's interviews, and man I have the best mission president ever. I am so grateful for his support and help!
Nov 30- Today as I was studying I could really feel the love of the savior through the scriptures. It was amazing. I mean I always feel peace when I am reading or studying them... but I felt such a love today. Amazing.
Dec 1- There is this man, Samuel, who is a street vendor and is super nice. He wants to learn about the gospel and we even see him reading the Book of Mormon. However, we were told we could not teach him because he does not live in our area. Today he came to our church! he said that he would rather come here because he works here every day and does not feel as comfortable at the other ward. And guess what!? Today we got permission to teach and baptize him! Today we set a date for the fifteenth of Diciembre. I am so excited. he is super open and receptive!!

I love you all so very much! I hope that you remember your Savior in this time of His birth and really search to understand his role in your life!

Love, Hermana Sirrine

Food for thought: Many people are willing to die for Christ, but the more important question is, are you willing to Live for Him?

Monday, November 25, 2013

November 25, 2013 I can't believe I have been here almost a month!

me and my comp
me and Hermana White


Wow time is odd. this has definitely been the hardest month of my life. I have grown so much. I have learned (a little) to be patient. I definitely am not all the time, but I am getting better. It helps that I am starting to understand more. This past week I decided to tell Hermana Sanchez every random story I could thing of about my life. She has been a good sport because I am sure it is rough listening to my profoundly broken Spanish! It has helped my Spanish though, especially since we don´t teach a whole lot!

We do a ton of walking. I have some pretty great blisters on my feet, and I know it is hindering recovery of my ankle, but I have to work. I can walk most of the day fine on my ankle, but sometimes it is like a fire. It has been amazing to see how at night, or in the morning I feel like I can barely walk, but when it is time to go out and work I can do it. I know that God is helping me because he needs me here.

Yesterday we found two new investigators. They are a couple, and it was really amazing to see how prepared she is! We think that they will get baptized in December! Because we have has such little success in the past 3 weeks it really made this sweet success!

This past week I had a REALLY blonde moment. or rather I came out of a really blonde moment.... The faucets have C and F on them, and the C is on the left. Every time I used the sink I would laugh at the silly person who put the C on the wrong side. (don´t ask me why the F never phased me) then... I had a lightning bolt moment. Caliente is Hot in Spanish! C=HOT!!! HaHa!  I felt really dumb.

The stake president took all the missionaries in the stake out to McDonalds because last month we broke the baptismal record for this stake. It was super fun!

Some interesting things about Argentina:
-there are no stop signs. I think I have seen 2. The busy roads have traffic lights, but other than that you go at your own risk. I am glad we don't have cars here. I would be absolutely terrified to drive!
- there are no speed limits. Usually there are too many cars to go fast, but the other day we were in a bus really early and I thought we were going to die he was going so fast!
-we eat so much pasta. Bastante. It is great/not so great. I am going to get so fat.
-dulce de leche is in everything and is so divine
-all doors lock from both sides. This means that you have to lock/unlock your doors every time you go in and out. If someone wants to leave your apartment you have to go let them out because you can´t leave anywhere without unlocking the door first.
-everyone greats with a kiss on the cheek. I never thought I´d be totally okay putting my face close to this many random people.
-we hand wash our clothes
-people here never sleep. They think the missionaries are weird for going to bed so early, but we are exhausted!
- women wear high heals everywhere and they are monstrously high. I have no idea how.  The sidewalks are not exactly flat.... I have almost killed myself and I wear flats. I would die in heels.
I am sure there are more, but I can´t think of any right now.

Random tidbit about my area: we don´t live in our area. I think we live a mile out of it. Because of the way the ward boundaries are and both us and the elders live in their area, this adds quite a bit of walking for us! But that´s okay. it´s not too bad.

daily Miracles:
Nov 18- one of the elders in my district happened to have a good foot brace that he is letting me use. it is much better than the wrap I had been using. I am so glad that it fits! It helps a ton to really support my foot!
Nov 19-My understanding is increasing
Nov 20-I had a conversation about Christ coming to the Americas all by myself! my comp was talking to someone else and this guy started asking me questions. It was really cool to have a conversation! The gift of tongues is real!
Nov 21- today we got a DVD player. We can now play music! I mean I like silence... but it was starting to wear on me. I am so grateful that my comp had some CD´s and we have something to listen to. Also, she has a bunch of English music so that is pretty cool. One of the first songs that was played was Josh Groban's "don´t give up" it was exactly what I needed to hear. I know that we are never alone. He is always there and we are always loved.
Nov 22- Me and my comp are starting to be able to communicate a bit better and be friends. (its hard to really be friends with someone you cant talk to)
Nov 23- We were able to get a ride home from our last appointment with a less active family. It was amazing because we were on the very edge of our area and my ankle was hurting.
Nov 24- We found two new investigators!!!!! YAY!!!!!

Pretty much this week has been tons of walking, and growing on the inside for me. I am amazed at how much I need the Atonement. In Alma 7:11 there are 7 aspects covered by the atonement. In vs 12 it talks about how Christ suffered this so he could know how to succor his people. I truly know that He does know! I know he lives and that he is always with us. I have felt his love and help and strength so much. I am infinitely grateful for this gospel and what it has done for me.

I love you all so much!
Love, Hermana Sirrine


I got creative last p-day and made tables while my comp slept. Since our apartment is new we don't have much of anything and I wanted a place to put my stuff!

Monday, November 18, 2013

November 18, 2013 Hello Hello

Hola familia!

Well this week was pretty much straight street contacting and walking. It´s pretty brutal, especially because walking is not exactly my strong suit right now! But it´s been cool to see times when the gift of tongues is definitely present.

This week we had a super cool opportunity. Elder Holland came and talked to us. We went to the Buenos Aires West mission, and it was Us, them and the South mission. It was cool to be with that many missionaries again! I have never been that close to an Apostle before (he walked right by me! Seriously he was 2 feet away). The hermanas all got to sit in the front, so I was about 5 rows back. Man was that powerful and spiritual. Oh and he was also staying in our ward, because the Area Seventy is in my ward. He talked a lot about how important our own conversion is. This is something that I know to be true! Out here is really hard, and I cannot imagine doing it if I was not converted to the lord.

One thing that he talked about is that the road to salvation always goes through Gethsemane. It is impossible to become like Christ without trials and tribulations. This work will never be easy because it never was easy for Christ.

Daily Miracles:
11- we got a new map that is actually legible! Yay!
12- I started a bunch of conversations in the street. I could not carry the whole conversation, but I was able to do a lot!
13- We had a really good district meeting. I have the best leaders. I am so grateful for them!
14- This morning i woke up with a fever, and felt terrible. As we were going to our lunch appointment we passed the elders, and they offered a blessing. They were able to give me one, and it was amazing how quickly I was able to feel better so that I could work. I am so grateful for the power of the priesthood and that I have access to it. I am so grateful for those who live worthy of it!
15- Today we had very little success... but nonetheless I was able to be happy and the day turned out pretty good. I am learning that my happiness here does not depend on what numbers I put at the end of the day, but on how much I choose it.
16- Elder Holland
17- We had ward council today and they are amazing! The leaders of our ward are so missionary minded and it is awesome! Hopefully we can get this area progressing!

I love you all and I pray for you every day!
Les Quierro!
Hermana Sirrine

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

November 11, 2013 Second Week in Argentina!

Well I am officially in my area here in Belgrano. My companion speaks no English and that has put some challenges on this whole thing. Also she is from Columbia which has it´s own special hard to understand accent. And she speaks wicked fast. Turns out the first day she was just really tired and I thought I could understand her. We walk many many miles a day, which has been slightly difficult on my sprained ankle. I am praying every day for it to heal rapidly.

We have not had a lot of success this week, and it has been difficult. But it is the first week of the transfer...and we are opening an area. Haha!  I have no idea how it is to work in an area that is open, the apartment is well furnished, and there are accurate records. Maybe one day :)

Since we are opening a new area we have to do a ton of street contacting. Unfortunately my companion hates it and wont do it. So guess who does. Yep me. The one who can't speak.  So I have no idea if people don't want to listen because they are not interested or because they have no idea what I am saying. Also sometimes they start to talk with me... but I have no idea what they are saying and it is super hard. Hopefully things start to click so that we can be effective.

Here are my daily miracles for the week. I realized I have not shared them in a while.

Nov 5- the elders in our ward are so helpful. the got us a map of the area and are being super nice about us asking tons of questions.
nov 6- we met a really nice lady on the street that seemed interested. I even initiated the conversation, so that was cool.
nov 7- there was about two minutes today when I had no pain in my foot. It was bliss. Also I was able to walk a ton today without a ton of pain. I know the lord is helping me because as soon as I get home I can hardly walk, but during the day I can manage.
nov 8- the last member we visited (of 13) was at their house! which was lovely seeing as we both really had to use the bathroom and there are not public bathrooms here.... at least we both don't think so.
nov 9- today I got to be around missionaries who speak English. It sounds awful but I loved being able to feel a part of something and to understand what was going on.
nov 10- today we had another visitor center thing. It was amazing; during the tour I could relatively speak. Definitely a gift of tongue experience.

Scripture of the week.
Mosiah 24:13-15
Love you all and hope things are going well for you!
Love, Hermana Sirrine

Thursday, November 7, 2013

November 5, 2013 Oh boy! I am not in America any more!

Pictures from Illinois

Ward mission leader, elders, me, my comps

With investigator Kyle

Pictures from Argentina

A peek of the huge city I am in

Me, hermanas from my MTC district, and the president´s wife in front of the temple

 pink house

The Rio de Plata.  You can see the city across the water


Welp.  I don´t speak Spanish. Nope, and I thought Mexicans were hard to understand. They clearly learned from the Argentines. They speak wicked fast and they speak Castillano (no it is not Spanish, they are almost offended if you call it Spanish) and they have a lisp, almost like Spain but not as bad. Soooooo yeah, I feel a little underwater.

With my 3 comps and two recent converts, Thommy and Junior
For the past week I have been with Hermanas White, Lobo, and Escalante. When we got our visas, they just put us in a temporary area until transfers, which are today. So there were four of us in an apartment the size of our kitchen and half the dinning room back home. It was cozy! I didn't mind though, it´s not like we spend much time there. Two are native speakers, one to Mexico and one to Argentina, but they both speak really good English. It was a crutch I liked way too much! Haha! It was nice to be able to at least communicate a little. However, I am now in my new area. My companion is Hermana Sanchez, and no she does not speak English. None. She is from Columbia, so at least she pronounces the whole word, which makes things easier... but I am gunna get real good at charades. Also, we are opening an area. We are in the city, and she has only been out in provencia (the country). So we both are super confused. It´s going to be great!

This BOM was part of our open house
On Saturday we went to another church with a bunch of missionaries and made our own sort of visitor center. It was really cool. pretty much it was like temple square, start at the Christus, and then learn briefly what we teach. It definitely helped my Spanish! At the beginning we were out on the streets inviting people to come in. I got really good at saying ´´we are inviting people to a center for visitors to learn about our church´´ I would then give them a card, and pretty much no one said more than no thanks. Until one man.... he starts talking to me and I had NO IDEA what he was saying! Me and my companion were standing a little bit apart so that we could be more effective, and when she saw that someone was actually talking to me she comes over. After we told him I had no idea what he was saying, the man repeated to her what he had said to me. Apparently he said ´´I have been asking God for a doll like you, but he never sent one to me´´. All the missionaries there thought it was hilarious!

Sunday, we were walking out of our apartment to go to church and I fell on the last step and rolled my ankle. In Illinois or Missouri that would have been unfortunate, but okay. Here it is a problem. We walk everywhere. So I pretty much had to stand up, wrap it quickly, and walk to church. I thought I was going to die at church. I got a priesthood blessing that I didn't really understand except that I would have strong feet throughout my mission. I felt comfort and knew that Heavenly father will help me. I think Sunday I ended up walking close to two miles or so. As much as I knew I shouldn't be on it, I didn't really have a choice. However, my companion would not let me go out on Monday. It was the worst day of my mission. I thought I was going to go stir crazy! There is only so much studying I can do.... I did not like not working! I iced it a ton and hopefully it will get better real quick because I know there will be lots of walking in the upcoming week. I am wearing my boots because they help give support.  It looks really weird because it is spring here and getting warmer!

Pretty much the food here is amazing. Everyone cooks very well. and the ice cream is to die for. Someone needs to bring it back to America.... It is custom to eat a small breakfast and then a huge lunch. I have no idea if the normal population eats dinner.. but as missionaries we are so busy that we don't. When we get home at night we eat something small , but the members have been feeding us so well that we have not been hungry. I sorta like the whole small dinner big lunch thing.

I do all of my studies in Spanish, which means it takes forever to do because I read really slow in Spanish, but I know it helps me. Also it is super exciting when I read a verse and I can understand the whole thing and don´t have to look up anything in the dictionary.  Yesterday while I was imprisoned in my apartment, I studied the plan de salvation. It was really cool to read all of the Preach My Gospel scriptures in that section all together. I was amazed at how central the atonement is to the whole thing. Every scripture either directly talked about the atonement, or had a scripture that did really close. It was cool to notice that pattern. I love seeing how central Christ is to the gospel and our lives.

Well, I love you all so much!
Love, Hermana Sirrine

 P.S. Mom, don´t worry... I am taking care of my foot.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

October 29, 2013 Arrives in Argentina

We are thrilled to report that your daughter, Sister Sirrine, has finally arrived safely in her mission this morning here in Buenos Aires.  She was picked up at the airport, and after a brief tour of Buenos Aires was brought to the mission home for a luncheon, followed by an interview with the President.  You should expect to hear from your missionary on her next P-day which will be next Tuesday, November 5th.  Thank you for your prayers and support.

President and Sister Ayre

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

October 21,2013 What a week!

The photo is me and sister nicholson sqeezing water into a pot from me and sister franks filtered water bottles we were given in the MTC. We forgot to buy water last week and there was no way we were drinking dirt water.


First of all I just want to say that God really helps his missionaries achieve their goals. It's true. The first day I got out into the field I set some goals for my time here in the states. Most of them were pretty simple, just helping me stay focused and productive but one of them was to have a baptism during my time here in the states. I figured that there was no way that was going to happen when I got the call that my visa came in. BUT... it did. Crazy story. There is a 10 yr old who was going to get baptized this past Saturday. The family has been on and off active and he was going to get baptized at 8, but the person they wanted to do the baptizing had to make some changes. For whatever reason it did not happen, and suddenly he is 10 and not baptized. Then his cousin who is 8 was ready for baptism and the family wanted to do it all together. Unfortunately  they did not realize that he is now a convert baptism! Soooo we had to get involved. And for whatever reason the family was adamant that this baptism would happen on the 19th. We had to go through lots of people and eventually got permission to teach all the missionary lessons in 1 night and then have him interviewed for baptism. Poor kid. Way to much gospel knowledge in 2.5 hrs. However, he passed the interview and got baptized this Saturday! Talk about a lot of work!! We had so much to do in 3 days. It was really rushed, but i guess they didn't care, it was still a really special day. Unfortunately we missionaries had way too much on our minds and forgot cameras... :(

This week has been so busy! We have been trying to orient sister Franks, and still  keep up with our busy schedule, and then the last minute baptism. Not to mention I had to speak at the baptism, us sisters spoke in church yesterday, and I am giving a training tomorrow in district meeting. Brutal. And I still have to study for my investigators, and there really is not any extra time to prepare. Let's just say it's crazy. Oh, and I leave on Monday. Yep.

The trees are so PRETTY here. They go RED.  I mean real red. Like nothing I have seen before. I am hoping by this Sunday there will be even more. I will try to send you a picture of it. I have been praying for the leaves to change and it's working!

It's really hard knowing that I am leaving soon... I love this area and the ward so much! Me and sister Nicholson have built this area and I don't even get to see it for the whole 6 weeks! Oh well. It's been amazing to see the growth so far. We have gone from 2 investigators (who we have not even seen by the way) to 13 and a baptism. Heavenly father is truly preparing his children. I also have started switching over to Spanish. I do about half of my studies in Spanish and I understand PMG and the scriptures pretty well. Now I just have to hear and understand... I really need to study this week though.. I am in trouble! Ha ha its gunna be weird to have no idea what's going on when I have been a missionary for almost 4 months already.
It's odd to hear about missionaries being in an area for a long time. In my limited missionary experience, you switch areas and companions every six weeks. Hopefully I can stay in one place a little longer next time!

The members are determined to fatten us up here. It is terrible. We eat at members at least once a day. Sometimes we get dinner and lunch. I think we have cooked for lunch and dinner probably 2 times since we have been here. And unfortunately when missionaries come over it is a special occasion for the member. They always make their 'special' recipe (special usually equates to fattening) and they always have dessert. And they bring all sorts of goodies over. It was a relief for a member to bring us veggies the other day! I have gained a lot of weight. It is terrible. Some of my skirts no longer fit, embarassingly enough. Good thing I will be walking a ton soon! I need it!

My talk this week was on Luke 22:19. Christ passing the sacrament. It was really interesting to study. At first we were told that we had 3-5 minutes, and that there would be another speaker. Then Saturday they called us and said just kidding! You get 15! Soooo... we were scrambling. But it turned out really well and we got really good feedback from the ward. One thing I had not really noticed before was that Christ gives thanks before he passes it. It made me wonder how often I give thanks before I take the sacrament...

Well I love you all so much! I loved the pictures. So cute! Have a great week!
Hermana Sirrine

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

October 15, 2013 Visa News

Mi querido familia, (that is probably spelled wrong)

First off I am going to answer some questions so I don't forget. Sharon, She is doing well. Interesting, but well. We are trying to see her this week... but she is very sincere. She just has a hard time keeping commitments. But she enjoyed conference and loves meeting with us. So that's real good.

Brother Koogler, the less active I talked about... wait for it... WAS AT CHURCH! and He took notes on conference (which was our commitment to him) AW man it was so great! I was so happy to see him it was ridiculous. And you could tell he was real happy to be there too.

Mom: Yes I can print emails. but here it's 20 cents a page, so for the most part we don't. And unfortunately here in Murphysboro we only have 1 hr for email, which sounds like a lot but it's not, especially since we have to write letters to the president. In my last area we had more time, but this library kicks you off the computers after an hour. Weird.

And thanks for the spelling check. Yes it's true, I have very little time and don't proof read and am trying to type quickly.... but also I just have bad spelling. Plus Spanish. (By the way, my comp has worse spelling than me. It's rough)

I loved Sarah's letter! Tell her thanks!

So highlights of this week:

  • We got a new companion! Her name is Sister Franks, and she is a visa waiter for Brazil (we laughed together at the Portuguese influence in Sarah's spelling). She is from Texas and you best believe she has a great accent. She's from the north east part so it's thick. I love her. We got her Saturday and she got really thrown into things since we did not know she was coming until midday Friday.
  • Another super exciting thing that happened: We found 7 new investigators. Yep 7. that is no typo. All I can say is the lord blesses you when you talk to everyone and really open your mouth.
  • Another is Kyle. I think I wrote about him. He is a part member family and super solid. Well we had a fantastic lesson with him. His wife bore her testimony and the spirit was so strong. He started crying and we all were chocked up. And he prayed! For the very first time out loud and in front of everyone. You could see how happy his wife was! He told us he had been so nervous for that part, but it was the best prayer. I just love that family so very much.
  • Also, I got to be companions with Hermana White (MTC companion) for a day again! They really like to bounce visa waiters around, so they needed a sister for a couple days, and she stayed with us for a day till someone could come get her. It was really cool to see how she has grown in the last 2 months!

The work here is going really well. I love it. I am sad that I am leaving. OH! Yeah! Big news. I AM LEAVING! I GOT MY VISA TO ARGENTINA! Yep! It totally happened. Awww man am I excited. My plan to skip winter worked out. God is so merciful. I leave OCT. 28. so two weeks from yesterday. I am bursting with excitement (in case you missed that). It's weird to think I am actually going to go to Argentina. I guess in my mind this is just my mission now. But not for long. Hermana White, and one other elder from my MTC district also got theirs too, and I am so excited to go out with them! Definitely sad to leave here... but thrilled to go.

All of the sudden Language study got real for me. So I started once again really focusing. I translated 'Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes' into Spanish. Let's just say it does not flow. However Sister Nicholson thinks it's hilarious. It goes like this:
Rodillas y
Dedos de pies (that's the killer in the flow)
**Repeat as necessary**
Boca y

I really like that last part! It's fun to say.

Man this week has been so good. I have really been studying Charity. It's amazing to break it down and study all of the parts that you find in Moroni 7. I love this gospel and I love this work.
I know now more than ever that God loves us, Jesus Christ is my savior, and the redeemer of all the world, and that this gospel is the only way to get back to him.
I love you all so much, and hope that you all doing well!
Les Quierro!
Hermana Sirrine

Sorry no pics, i forgot my camera...

Saturday, October 12, 2013

October 6, 2013 Time is the weirdest thing on a mission!

Sister Nicholson and I

Dear Lovely Family!

I think part of being set apart puts you in a time bubble. It's weird. Time flies! And at the same time is slow. I can't explain it.

This week has been real good. We had the exchange sisters come, which was really cool. I was with sister Ash, who is Samoan. We knocked one door and the guy was trying to tell us we had a racist church that would not let anyone but white people, and she was like 'Uh, I am Samoan and I'm on a mission, so pretty sure it's not just white people'. he didn't really know how to respond to that. It was really funny.

30-We found service! Starting next week we will be doing service at a food bank. I know it sounds dumb... but it's really hard to find weekly service here. But the food bank is perfect because it allows us to see LOTS of different people.

1- I have been studying Charity. Today my study was particularly effective. It is amazing how the Book of Mormon talks about it so much. Love, and the other components of charity found in Moroni are all through the Book of Mormon!
 2- Today we had a lesson with an amazing lady named Sharon. She referred herself! it was so cool to be able to meet with her, when she sought us out and is truly searching for truth.
3- We had a lesson with a Less Active. I think we totally made his day be talking with him. It was really amazing to hear his story and testimony. Sometimes people just need to know that they are missed to come back. He said he would be there Sunday!
4-Exchanges! Ah so good! What an amazing learning opportunity to be with someone way experienced and great
5- Total miracle: we were driving to our dinner appointment and we saw a lady crossing the street. Both of us had the impression to stop. Once we did and got turned around, she was no longer outside. So we went and knocked her door. We did a normal tracking approach... and she let us right in. We were stunned. We then asked her what roll religion had played in her life. Ha! Turns out she's a member! (she's like 80 or something) and someone close to her had died the day before. It was a moment where it was obvious the lord knew her needs and used us to comfort her.
6- General Conference. Of course! It was interesting how one theme of conference was Gender Rolls and morality. It is amazing how confused the world is in this aspect!

Well i have no time. I love you all! Hope you have a fantastic week!
Hermana Sirrine

Monday, September 30, 2013

September 30, 2013 First week in Murphysboro

Hola! Como estan? Espero que ustedes estan bien. Me gusta este Ciudad!
Okay, yeah Spanish takes too long.

The St. Louis arch on the way to IL
So i love it here. Murphysboro, IL Population 8000. No joke. It's as big as my college was! But our ward boundaries are humongus. We are the second set of missionaries, which is fantastic because our area goes north 40(ish) minutes and about an hour south. Killer on the miles. however, the ward LOVES us sisters. The elders not so much, but they have not had sisters in about 8 years so they are stoked that we are here. We have seen so much support. It's so great! Especially since we had nothing in our apartment. Except beds, that were still in their boxes, the world sketchiest dinning chairs, and lots of cleaning supplies. Oh and a couch. That was nice. But it is so cute, and huge. I think it has 4 rooms, a kitchen and a huge bathroom. It's sweet! But since we have nothing.. it is pretty empty.

The water here tastes like dirt. It's worse than Riverton water. think on that for a minute! We had to find a solution, and our solution is buying it in jugs at Walmart. It's only 37 cents a gallon, and i'll pay that so i don't get sick. Someone told us that Murphysboro sometimes has a boiling ordinance on their water, which means it is not safe unless you boil it. There is not one right now.. but that freaks me out. I don't wan to drink water!

We got here and had one investigator. One! (we later found out her son is one too... but the elders did not document that) And we have yet to get in touch with her, so that should be interesting. Apparently she is super solid tho! We did get a new investigator this week, her name is Pam. A member that lives across the street from her had given her a BOM and told her to read it. She read the intro, and went back the next day and told her that she wanted to meet the missionaries. Super exciting! We got there and she had a pen and paper in hand to take notes! She is adorable and we love her so much. Unfortunately she is 45 minutes away, so we can only go see her when we can get members to give us rides. We for sure can get down there once a week.. hopefully all works out. She is amazing!
Our car got heart attacked by 3 of the beehives! Two of which are recent converts.

We also had a cool experience this week. There is family, they are called the Burke clan. Which means that there are 5 different Burke families in our ward, and almost every major position in the church here has at least one. They are a powerhouse! But, one of the children, the only girl, married a nonmember at a time where it was not super important to here. Well, now she is active, and the whole family wants he husband, the son-in-law to get baptized. We met the RS pres our first night here(one of the Burkes) and she expressed to us that she thinks he is ready, but that they have sorta been waiting for the right missionaries that they trust to teach him (I guess the whole ward could tell it was the last transfer for the previous elders). That was a huge compliment! Then two days later we were visiting members, and we met the Momma Burke, and she also said that she had a feeling that we would be the right ones to teach Kyle. Sunday, Kyle's wife (a former Burke) came up to us and told us that Kyle wants to have us come teach us, and is very interested in baptism. HOLY COW! So we met him and set up an appointment. It was amazing. I am so excited to teach him, and exceptionally flattered that the ward thinks so highly of us. We have had many people tell us that they can tell we are hard workers and that they think we will work miracles here. Its super motivating to us to be the best missionaries and not let the ward down!

My new companion is Sister Nicholson. She is from  Napa Idaho and she is a sweetheart. I love her to death! She is a hard worker and is ready to go, so that is fantastic. I am really really excited for this transfer!
On a bad note, I am terrible luck. My previous comps had never had car issues their whole mission. Then I come a long, and guess what, we get a big ol' dent. So then I switch companions, and guess what?! She hits a pole. No kidding. SO once again we have to deal with the whole car thing. I am gonna be an old pro at this rate!
Our car dent

Pretty much we have been so busy and I love it here!

Daily miracles:
23:We had a fantastic dinner appointment. The spirit was really strong. At the end, the daughter told us that she really wanted to go on a mission. It was cool
224:We had a great lesson with bob. I really think that he is really close to recognizing his answer and getting baptized
25:The ward! We had dinner brought to us today, and a member brought us a bunch of dishes! The responded so quickly and we feel so loved!
26:We found a way to get clean H2O. Such a blessing!
27:We found our new investigator, Pam! Love her so much!
28:The Relief Society Broadcast. It was amazing. There was also a nonmember there, and before the broadcast she asked us if we had a scripture like James 1:5 in the BOM we showed her one and  then guess what?! That's exactly what the prophet talked on!
29:There were 3 investigators at church. They are not ours, they belong to the elders, but it was still pretty amazing.

Well, I love you all! Have a fantastic week!
Love, Hermana Sirrine

Monday, September 23, 2013

September 23, 2013 Transfers are this week!

This is the fattest cat ever. Seriously 28 lbs
This is a card we made for an elder going home. We are so cleaver!

My district. My DL is the one that is in a chair looking like a weirdo (Oh, dad, he's from Canada!)

Whoa! I feel like all I do as a missionary is weekly planning, and p-day. Just kidding. I do WAY more than that. But whenever either one comes it really feels like i JUST did it! Time is FLYING here! Which is really good.

Cutest tire swing ever!
Man this week was crazy. We had so much going on and have been running all over the place. We got an estimate for our car. Guess how much? $3,200 and some odd. Ick. I am so glad that it was not one of us that did it! Poor guy that hit us.

So this week we have done a lot of walking. Due to the ET last week and some poor planning on our part, we are very low on miles and so walking it is! Which I actually really have enjoyed, but let's just say our companionship is not in the best of shape and our bodies are hating life right now. Oh, and my feet, well, good thing I have moleskin. Yeah, real good thing.

Well, as my really obvious subject line suggests, transfers are this Wednesday  and guess what?! I am being transferred !! No one expected that. We all figured I would be here until my visa came, but guess not. I am so crazy excited about it. I am going to be companions with a girl that is in my district, sister Nichols  I love her so very much, so i am quite pleased about it. Oh and guess what?! We are opening a new area! I am not sure weather we are going to be a second set of missionaries in and area, or if the area has been closed and we are re-opening it. I will let you know later. We are going to Murphy's borough, Illinois (i don't think I spelled that right at all) So i won't even be in Missouri anymore! Cool right?! I cannot wait.

Our investigators are doing well. Slowly progressing, but at least most of them are. We had to drop a few this past week, which was really sad, because we love them so much! It's hard to watch some one that you really have come to love not do what they need to in order to have the blessings that they want. We had one that had been progressing really well, but every time his baptismal date would come up, he would drop off the map. He has now had 4. So we were already talking about having a really serious discussion with him and possibly dropping him, and then we saw him. A member that he lives by had gone over to say hi, and he knew that we had been trying to catch up with our investigator, so when he found him home he called us over. When we got there it was super obvious that he was intoxicated with something. We set up a return appointment for a couple days later, because we were short on time. As we were walking out and talking to the member, he expressed his concern and confirmed what we had been thinking about him being intoxicated. Since the member is a law student he then took the liberty of looking our investigator up. Apparently he has been arrested 5 times since Feb. and Once right before each baptismal date. Also, they are for violence and distribution of controlled substances. Crazy. So to be safe, we are not going to go back. Maybe when elders come back to this area...

On a better note, we had a fantastic lesson with Bob W. He has 2 boys, about 20 that live with him and both desperately need the gospel (as does bob, and he's working on it) Bob always has a bunch of people over for Sunday dinner, and usually has at least one companionship of missionaries there. This week there were five of us! as we were leaving we sang God be with you till we meet again, since three of us are being transferred out. Then we bore our testimonies, and it was so very powerful. They were all tearing up. It was amazing! I cannot wait to see what happens with that family.

Since we found out that both me and Sister Dutson are being transferred out, we have stopped by a lot of member's and investigators houses to say goodbye. At each one, we have borne our testimony. It is amazing the power of a simple testimony. God truly does not use the eloquent to spread his gospel. We have been challenging people to write down their testimony, and seal it up. Then, to either give it to some one, anyone, or to keep it and take it out a later point in life. So, Will you all write your testimonies down? ;) I can promise you that it will be strengthened as you do so, and that as you write and share your testimony you will be blessed!

The leaves are just starting to change colors and it is amazing! I can't wait for them all to be colorful! I will send you a picture when they are. I can't tell you how many trees there are here. They are everywhere! Oh and bunnies. there are lots of those too.
Unfortunately dad I cannot listen or watch the clip. Against the rules :( We email at the Library here. Which is nice!

I am learning to appreciate fall. It has been around 70 the last couple days, and it has been amazing. It went from over 100 to 75  so quick, and I am not complaining  Oh, you think i'm crazy in hot weather? I've got nothing on my comp. She wears a cardigan almost every day. Even when it was over 100. I do not know why. She is crazy! And my other companion, well, she is turning orange from too many carrots. We are going to have to ration them...

We had zone p-day and we went bowling. I broke 100 and had 3 strikes! I cannot tell you how proud of myself i was! It was really great! I have never even broken 70 before. Guess with God, all things are possible! right?!

My bowling score! (zone p-day) I am Avita. and I broke 100! First time EVER! I feel so very accomplished.

Pretty much it has been a really good week. We have been real busy, and I have enjoyed it so much. What a perfect way to end the transfer!

Daily Miracles:
16- My studies were STELLAR today. I really got a lot out of them. All 4 hours! Which really is a miracle
17-We figured out that Bob W has a hard time with the restoration. Why could he not just tell us that months ago you ask? Yeah so do we. But that's ok. We now know what we need to focus on!
18- The moon was beyond beautiful today. Crazy beautiful. Looking at it I just knew how much God Loved me right then.
19- We had dinner with some members and they had THREE non members there! It was a really great dinner, and they all accepted a copy of the Book of Mormon. Unfortunately they are not in our area :( but hopefully something comes of it!
20- I finished the book of Mormon! In two months none the less! I am so happy. It was great :)
21- We walked 10+ miles today. Not to mention my 30 min run this morning. You don't want to see what my feet look like... but we all survived! It was a great day. Crazy as it sounds I prefer walking over the car. I feel way more productive. weird.
22- Dick Campana came to church! He has been investigating for over a year and he finally came!!!! So happy!

Love you all so very very much. I love hearing from you!
Les Quierro!
Hermana Sirrine

Make sure to write me at the mission address if you choose to do so. Just put my full name on it. Not that i think there are other Hermana Sirrine's...
1850 Craigshire Rd. Ste 205
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Monday, September 16, 2013

September 16, 2013 Last week of the sad!

Me and my cute companions
The fanciest bank ever. All banks in Missouri are fancy! It's great!

Oh man what a week!
First of all the ET (emergency Transfer) I spent some time much closer to the city of St. Louis, in Frontenanc. It was weird to be in the city! Not that I am in the boonies.. but there is much of my area that is real wealthy and they have lots of land. I guess it was like being on exchanges, and it was really good to see how another missionary works, and ways that I can improve. The change was good!

This was my temporary companion sister Vilingia
Then, we had a TON of appointments fall through, and Lots of plans changed last minute. It was stressful, because I like having plans. That is why we do backup plans I guess! This past week we also spent FRI and SAT volunteering at the Color Run. Sorta like the Color Festival, but you run and people throw color. Sounds fun right? Unfortunately we were just helping out with pre-race stuff... so there wasn't color involved :( But, it was great exposure. There wer 4 or 5 missionaries there at all time, and it was really great because thousands of people had to come through to check in and pick up T-shirts, and they had to talk to us to do it! We started to get questions and it was fun to answer. Also, it was  a great thing for the staff, because they were so appreciative of the help and that we worked hard and happy. Thank goodness it cooled down so we were happy! haha Just kidding it would have still been fun. Just, warm.

Our car got a dent this week. (no dad, I did not do it!) In fact none of us did. We parked in a culdasac while we went to contact and teach a referral (and we even saw and talked to the guy that owned the house we were parked by and he said it was fine) and we come back and there is a real big dent in our car! It was sad! he was so nice tho and left his number for us so we could get it taken care of. Some of the members have given us a hard time about our poor car.

We had the BEST FIRST LESSON EVER this week! it was the seriously! The guy's name is Bob M. (we are now teaching 2 bob's and have a less active named bob that we are visiting. Little confusing if i do say so) Two weeks ago last Thursday we had a mini lesson with him where we gave him a Book of Mormon, and he committed to read the Intro. The next week, we were supposed to have a lesson with him, but he got sick. The day after, we dropped by his house and left him a restoration pamphlet. He told us that he was so excited about our book, and that he was going to meet with us the following week, sick or not. In fact he said 'I don't care how I feel. I'll put a bag over my head." It was great. So Thursday we went back to teach him. When we got there, he was so excited! come to find out, he is in 2 Nephi. No joke! And he had only committed to read the intro! Then, he proceeded to teach us the first lesson, based off what he had gotten out the the Book of Mormon. He gets the apostasy, and we didn't even have to tell him about it. Then, we started talking about Joseph Smith, and he filled in with dates, how long he had to wait to get the plates, and other details. Not only did this guy read the pamphlet, he understood and really learned it. It was AMAZING! he told us he wants to be on the path towards baptism, but he needs to take baby steps. Apparently he has gone to many churches, and he told us that he feels like the book of Mormon is right when he reads it, and he feels like he belongs with us and the member we brought. Talk about someone who the Lord has been preparing! I am so excited for him! Oh, and he would be the best sunday school teacher ever. Just sayin. The main challenge his is going to face is he needs to marry his significant other. but they know that. I asked them if they were married, and Theresa said 'no, we're sinners. I know we need to get married, but i'm reluctant' So we are going to help them get married and then baptize them both :)

I had a really cool experience this week at a member's house. We had dinner, and then sang a song and shared a message. After the song I started sharing my testimony and telling her something (I really don't remember now..) and I knew as I was talking that they were not my words. She started crying, and after told us how grateful she was for us coming  and that we were an answer to her prayers. It was such a great experience for me. it really showed me how much all people need to feel the spirit and be buoyed up, even really strong active members!

Pretty much I love it here. Sometimes it's a little hard not to feel like a 'visa waiter' because everyone asks me about it all the time. I feel very un-permanant. it's weird to know that I am going, but not when. It's not even like I can just worry about it when transfers come up either! that's okay tho, I am enjoying it here. The leaves are just starting to change, and my oh my are they pretty! When they are really changing I will make sure to send you a picture!

I had a really awkward 'you can't hug me because I am a missionary' moment this week. Oh man. So weird. I almost had a huge freak out that a boy almost touched me! i am going to be the weirdest Return Missionary ever! hahaha

I forgot my journal, so I can't send you my 'daily miracles' but i promise they are there! Don't worry!
I love you all so much! I pray for your happiness and that you will have the spirit with you. That is the most important thing in this life!

Les Amo!
Hermana Sirrine
P.S. What is johnny's email so I can email him?
P.P.S. Congrats on being member missionaries!!! That's what it's all about! We never go tracking because we do it all through the members (which is sometimes like glorified tracking, but that's okay, at least you know they might be interested and they do know mormons.)