Monday, November 25, 2013

November 25, 2013 I can't believe I have been here almost a month!

me and my comp
me and Hermana White


Wow time is odd. this has definitely been the hardest month of my life. I have grown so much. I have learned (a little) to be patient. I definitely am not all the time, but I am getting better. It helps that I am starting to understand more. This past week I decided to tell Hermana Sanchez every random story I could thing of about my life. She has been a good sport because I am sure it is rough listening to my profoundly broken Spanish! It has helped my Spanish though, especially since we don´t teach a whole lot!

We do a ton of walking. I have some pretty great blisters on my feet, and I know it is hindering recovery of my ankle, but I have to work. I can walk most of the day fine on my ankle, but sometimes it is like a fire. It has been amazing to see how at night, or in the morning I feel like I can barely walk, but when it is time to go out and work I can do it. I know that God is helping me because he needs me here.

Yesterday we found two new investigators. They are a couple, and it was really amazing to see how prepared she is! We think that they will get baptized in December! Because we have has such little success in the past 3 weeks it really made this sweet success!

This past week I had a REALLY blonde moment. or rather I came out of a really blonde moment.... The faucets have C and F on them, and the C is on the left. Every time I used the sink I would laugh at the silly person who put the C on the wrong side. (don´t ask me why the F never phased me) then... I had a lightning bolt moment. Caliente is Hot in Spanish! C=HOT!!! HaHa!  I felt really dumb.

The stake president took all the missionaries in the stake out to McDonalds because last month we broke the baptismal record for this stake. It was super fun!

Some interesting things about Argentina:
-there are no stop signs. I think I have seen 2. The busy roads have traffic lights, but other than that you go at your own risk. I am glad we don't have cars here. I would be absolutely terrified to drive!
- there are no speed limits. Usually there are too many cars to go fast, but the other day we were in a bus really early and I thought we were going to die he was going so fast!
-we eat so much pasta. Bastante. It is great/not so great. I am going to get so fat.
-dulce de leche is in everything and is so divine
-all doors lock from both sides. This means that you have to lock/unlock your doors every time you go in and out. If someone wants to leave your apartment you have to go let them out because you can´t leave anywhere without unlocking the door first.
-everyone greats with a kiss on the cheek. I never thought I´d be totally okay putting my face close to this many random people.
-we hand wash our clothes
-people here never sleep. They think the missionaries are weird for going to bed so early, but we are exhausted!
- women wear high heals everywhere and they are monstrously high. I have no idea how.  The sidewalks are not exactly flat.... I have almost killed myself and I wear flats. I would die in heels.
I am sure there are more, but I can´t think of any right now.

Random tidbit about my area: we don´t live in our area. I think we live a mile out of it. Because of the way the ward boundaries are and both us and the elders live in their area, this adds quite a bit of walking for us! But that´s okay. it´s not too bad.

daily Miracles:
Nov 18- one of the elders in my district happened to have a good foot brace that he is letting me use. it is much better than the wrap I had been using. I am so glad that it fits! It helps a ton to really support my foot!
Nov 19-My understanding is increasing
Nov 20-I had a conversation about Christ coming to the Americas all by myself! my comp was talking to someone else and this guy started asking me questions. It was really cool to have a conversation! The gift of tongues is real!
Nov 21- today we got a DVD player. We can now play music! I mean I like silence... but it was starting to wear on me. I am so grateful that my comp had some CD´s and we have something to listen to. Also, she has a bunch of English music so that is pretty cool. One of the first songs that was played was Josh Groban's "don´t give up" it was exactly what I needed to hear. I know that we are never alone. He is always there and we are always loved.
Nov 22- Me and my comp are starting to be able to communicate a bit better and be friends. (its hard to really be friends with someone you cant talk to)
Nov 23- We were able to get a ride home from our last appointment with a less active family. It was amazing because we were on the very edge of our area and my ankle was hurting.
Nov 24- We found two new investigators!!!!! YAY!!!!!

Pretty much this week has been tons of walking, and growing on the inside for me. I am amazed at how much I need the Atonement. In Alma 7:11 there are 7 aspects covered by the atonement. In vs 12 it talks about how Christ suffered this so he could know how to succor his people. I truly know that He does know! I know he lives and that he is always with us. I have felt his love and help and strength so much. I am infinitely grateful for this gospel and what it has done for me.

I love you all so much!
Love, Hermana Sirrine


I got creative last p-day and made tables while my comp slept. Since our apartment is new we don't have much of anything and I wanted a place to put my stuff!

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