Wednesday, November 13, 2013

November 11, 2013 Second Week in Argentina!

Well I am officially in my area here in Belgrano. My companion speaks no English and that has put some challenges on this whole thing. Also she is from Columbia which has it´s own special hard to understand accent. And she speaks wicked fast. Turns out the first day she was just really tired and I thought I could understand her. We walk many many miles a day, which has been slightly difficult on my sprained ankle. I am praying every day for it to heal rapidly.

We have not had a lot of success this week, and it has been difficult. But it is the first week of the transfer...and we are opening an area. Haha!  I have no idea how it is to work in an area that is open, the apartment is well furnished, and there are accurate records. Maybe one day :)

Since we are opening a new area we have to do a ton of street contacting. Unfortunately my companion hates it and wont do it. So guess who does. Yep me. The one who can't speak.  So I have no idea if people don't want to listen because they are not interested or because they have no idea what I am saying. Also sometimes they start to talk with me... but I have no idea what they are saying and it is super hard. Hopefully things start to click so that we can be effective.

Here are my daily miracles for the week. I realized I have not shared them in a while.

Nov 5- the elders in our ward are so helpful. the got us a map of the area and are being super nice about us asking tons of questions.
nov 6- we met a really nice lady on the street that seemed interested. I even initiated the conversation, so that was cool.
nov 7- there was about two minutes today when I had no pain in my foot. It was bliss. Also I was able to walk a ton today without a ton of pain. I know the lord is helping me because as soon as I get home I can hardly walk, but during the day I can manage.
nov 8- the last member we visited (of 13) was at their house! which was lovely seeing as we both really had to use the bathroom and there are not public bathrooms here.... at least we both don't think so.
nov 9- today I got to be around missionaries who speak English. It sounds awful but I loved being able to feel a part of something and to understand what was going on.
nov 10- today we had another visitor center thing. It was amazing; during the tour I could relatively speak. Definitely a gift of tongue experience.

Scripture of the week.
Mosiah 24:13-15
Love you all and hope things are going well for you!
Love, Hermana Sirrine

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