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August 26, 2013 Hola!

Leaving the MTC

Emergency Shopping run

Deer in the Neighborhood
Hi there!

Update on the MO front... Well, me and danai are living very different missions! ha! I am in a very rich part of MO (about 20 min out of St. Louis.) and the houses are monsterous. Easily larger than most houses on our street. Tons of them have pools too. So mom, you don't need to be worried about crime. They are very concientious and only put Elders in danger :) The sisters are watched out for. We also have a car. A brand new 2013 Toyota Corolla. When my comps transfered here in may it had only 20 miles on it. They keep missionaries in brand new cars and retire them after 20000 miles to avoid repairs. It's sweet!
Some random things about here, there are bunnies everywhere! They are so cute! i just want to hold them, but using my better judgement I do not. (don't worry mom, I'm not about to contract weird bunny diseases) I saw fireflies! I have never seen them before and it was so magical! I even caught one. I was so rediculously excited that everyone was laughing at me. But that's okay, I din' let any one pop my bubble.
Our apartment used to be an Elders Apartment, which means that some things were... less taken care of. For example, our chairs. Our 'dining room' chairs do not have backs on them. Not one. Because the elders would lean back on them (dad you were right) So, we have stools. It's really funny. Also, I have the hardest bed. It reminds me of the memory foam commercials where they put a glass of grape juice on the bed and jump on it and the glass doesn't spill because it is so squishy. Mine is like that, but hard. I really like it a lot, which is good because my comps felt mildly bad that they were giving me the bad bed.
I am getting really good at praying! Since I am the new misisonary, everyone asks me to pray. It's so funny.

A little about my companions.
Sister Allen: She is 22 and went to BYU-I for three years before her mission. She is from South Jordan and went to Bingham high. She is amazing at singing. She plays the guitarr and sings at many of our apointments, which is so powerfull. The first week that I was here, she wrote a song for the seminary kids, and then she sung it to them. It was amazing! That song has been a great tool and base for my mission. I'll have to get the lyrics and send it to you next week. She likes carrots even more than I do. Yeah! Believe it. We went through 8 of those 16 oz bags last week! And we were out for the last two days. We are going to have to ration ourselves this week! She is super tall, and i look like a little kid next to her! One guy even was suprised to see a tag on my chest, because he thought I was one of the Young Women on splits with the missionaries. How sad!
Sister Dutson: 22, attended USU for three years before her mission. She is super funny many of my sarcastic jokes are not lost on her. It is lovely! She is also musically gifted. She is so amazingly strong. She found out her sister has Leukemia back in may, and she has been such an example of perserverence to me. She eats cheese like I eat carrots. It's funny, we eat cheese and carrots. Oh and ramen. We eat a lot of that.
The three of us get along really well, even though it is hard to be in a trio. It's just odd to get used to keeping track of 2 other people. Oh and it makes getting ready tricky. We have a schedual so we can get all done. We go running on this bridge every morning so we can stay within sight and sound of eachother. It's mildly boring, but we need that excercise! Also, the bridge has a great view of the sunrise every morning, so that is a bonus. Then we get back at 7 and sister Allen jumps in the shower. She is fast like me, so she is usually in and out within 10 or 15 minutes. Then I jump in. I despise showering, because it is really humid, so you are always sorta wet, and hot. Always hot. So I usually take a 5 minute shower. I am not kidding. I timed myself this morning and it was 4 minutes. Then While sister Dutson is in the shower (she takes the whole 30 min) We eat and blowdry our hair. Personal Study starts at 8, comp study at 9, The 12 week training program at 10, and Language study at 11. Then Lunch at 12 to 1. And THEN we can leave the apartment (do you see why my morning run is so important?) Studies are great, though difficult to stay focused. I love having that time to be in the scriptures every day!  It is such a privelege!
The work here is good. We have been shifting the focus to member involvement and not tracting, which I am quite fine with! We have gotten 20 referrals in the last 4 or 5 days! So exciting! We have a goal to teach 20 lessons a week. That's a lot in case you did not know. However, some of those lessons are member lessons (along with dinner appointments and such). It's so good to be as busy as we are, it really makes the days fly.
We have several investigators, and one of them lives right above us. His name is Bob, and he has been investigating for about a year. He is so amazing! We are really hoping to get a date set for baptism this week. We always try and take a member to lessons (because the members will be there long after we leave to be a support) but sometimes the members are not super sensitive. Bob had a bad experience back in may with a member, and it really hindered his progress. He is trying so hard to recieve an answer, but hasn't wanted to attend church due to this. As he has ben praying, he finally realized that this is is problem, and decided to go to a different ward just once to give it an honest shot. We were thrilled that he went! He has started really progressing and I think he knows it, he just needs to really realize it. It has really made  me realize how important the members are, and how important it is to have friends in the church!
I try and write down a daily mirical, so here they are (directly from my journal).
8/19- We had a member lesson today that really strengthened my testimony of how important it is to remain not complacent. 2 Nephi 28:21 Talks about how the devil pacify's us down to Hell. I will not let this happen to me. I will die a faithful, active member of this church. I am so glad to have the knowledge that I do!
8/20- Bob's realizing why he didn't want to go to church (explained above)
8/21- We had a lesson with a recent convert who is planning on going through the temple Sept. 5. She has been so anxious about it, and we were able to quiet her fears. I know the Lord put the exact words in my mouth that I needed to say to help her. She is so excited!
8/22- We recieved 4 referrals from 2 families!
8/23- We recieved 14 referrals today! Our leaders are so insipired!
8/24- Our motivation was so great today! Even though it was so hot and we did a lot of walking we were able to see so much success today! Today we made every minute count.
8/25- Bob Attended Church! So Did Kathy (another investigator that we were about to drop because she wasn't keeping commitments, but she came to church so now we don't have to!)

I love you all so much! I love hearing the updates!  I bet it is super weird to have it be so quite! I love the pics! Thanks! Keep praying for my visa :)
Here is an awesome scripture: Alma 58:40 Be steadfast!

Hermana Sirrine

P.S. Dad, I laughed out loud when I figured out that Bro. Sirrine found out your number and called you. I'm glad he did tho! They are such a great family! We LOVE when they come with us to lessons. They are solid.

P.S.S Mom, or someone, if it would not be to much trouble, can you burn me a copy of the Vocal Point CD and send it. We're starting to get sick of our standard 4. It's not a big deal tho :) Oh and BTW, my address is 16444 B ( I forgot to put the B part!)

Pictures Sent:
Emergency shopping trip (we are so healthy ;) )
Some really cute deer we saw!
These are from the MTC, but better late than never!
All the elders and me, and Me and my old roommate Haley!

Monday, August 19, 2013

August 19, 2013 First Week Out of the MTC

Dear Family,
How are you doing?! I loved the powell pictures and stories! I definately wish that I could have been there with all of you. Sounds like it  was rough in terms of equipment functionality! How does that always happen?
I am now in Missouri! I am in a town called Wildwood, and it's about 30 min(ish) out of St. Louis. There are tons of trees. You can hardly see anywhere because you can't see over the trees! It's cool, seeing as Utah is sorta a desert... It was weird when we all got our assignments and we all emailed our family and I knew you wouldn't get it, I was hopeful that you'd know on Sunday. So I'm glad you found out. (i just sent it to everyone that you send the email to in hopes that someone headed to lake powell would see it and let you know if nothing else) I also lost the letter with Ali's number on it... so and I didn't get a reply from her soon enough to get her number and call her at the airport. When I head to ARG I will call you all :)
So, here's how my last week went down.
Tuesday we had to be at the travel office at 2:30 in the morning! So we were up at 1:30. Which is really really early just in case you didn't already know that. Our flight left at 6, and I was sitting by an elder in our travel group (our group consisted of me and Hermana White and 2 other elders. It was way small). He was really interesting, but talking with him prohibited any sleep. We got to Dallas around 10 their time, and then we had a 3 hour layover till our plane left at 1. Let's just say it's not super fun to be in an airport that long especially when you are that tired. Then on the plane to St. Louis I was sitting by this really nice muslum guy. He was absolutely blown away at the things that I am giving up for the nest 18 months. He said he was very impressed with the mormon church and all the other missionaries he sees. Again, due to great conversation, I did not get any sleep. We got off the plane and went to the St. Louis temple, which is super pretty! We took pictures with our mission president (I'll send you one when I get it) and then went to the mission home. That was around 4ish. I was so tired! So I helped out in the kitchen and, since we had to wait for the elders to take their stuff to a hotel, we had dinner around 6. Then we had a testimony meeting with all 35 new missionaries. It was a really great experience, but staying up until 10:30 was brutal. 6 of the missionaries are Visa waiters, and since we got really last minute tickets our flights were significantly earlier than all the other missionaries there. (they all had direct flights, lucky ducks!)
So apparently they found out about all the visa waiters on friday night! Needless to say we were a slight surprise. All they new about us was our names. So we had an interview with the President and when I sat down he said "Well, the only thing I know about you is your name and that you are headed to Argentina. Tell me more about yourself!" It was funny.
That night we stayed at the mission home, and the next day we were assigned new companions and taken to our areas. I am in a tri-panionship so that whenever my visa comes I can leave, regardless of transfer times here. I am with Sister Allen (from S. Jordan (she knows James, how weird!)) and Sister Dutson (from Logan). It's odd being in a Tri because the balance is really different when you have three versus two. They are both super great!
I am loving it here is Wildwood. Aparently it is really humid... I think it's great. My hair and skin is quite lovely here! Also it's super pretty. and the weather is great. I think its mid 80's or so every day. So, it's really really nice.
Yesterday we had a fantastic lesson with this guy about the book of mormon. The spirit was SO strong and he went from feeling like he didn't want to read( he felt like it was a textbook) To wanting to read it to be closer to God. It was really cool. We also taught a great lesson the other day on prayer. both lessons really strengthened my testimony of both fundamentals of the gospel. I know that I always took them so for granted, but they are so crucial to our development. They have become beyond important to me in the 7 weeks I have been a missionary.
Oh! Crazy, there are Sirrine's here. Yeah, no joke. We know we both come from the same George Warren, but we'd have to dig a little more to find out how closely related we are. How is it that I end up with one of the only wards this side of the missipi with Sirrine's in it! They are awesome and totally solid in the gospel. They came with us to a lesson yesterday and it was mildly confusing to have that many Sirrine's there. (but super great nonetheless)
Well, I am still sorta sick. Quite unfortunate, it's been almost 2 weeks now, but I just keep getting backed up on sleep so recovery is hard. On Friday we went to early morning seminary because Sister Allen is an amazing musician and she wrote a song and we went and she sang and played it for them. The song is about how important it is for us to act, and that God knows who we can be, if we just use his help and have Faith.
I know that this gospel is so true. I am so greateful for this oportunity that I have. I have bearly been a missionary at all, and I already know that it was the best decision of my life. I have learned SO much in my short time.  I started re-reading the book of mormon half way through the MTC, I am now almost done with Alma, and I have been profoundly amazed at the new things and impressions that I have learned in it, even though I have read it many times before.
I am not speaking any spanish. we had a combined district meeting the other day, so I spent some time speaking to the Spanish Elders and that was really good. I have an hour for language study everyday, but obviously that is so little. I have seen the Lord help me though, he knows that I am trying, even though I don't have time. I understand about 75% of the scriptures in spanish and most of the time I can understand the main Idea even if i don't know all the words. I understand aoubt 90% of the spanish PMG, so I am trying to do most of my studies in spanish. I also always pray with my companions in Spanish, even though they have no Idea what I am saying! (side note: I pray a ton! Every house we go to, always askes me to pray since I am the new missionary. One nice old man even had me say the opening and closing prayer because he forgot that I said the opening prayer!)
Well, I love you all! It was so great to see pictures. I miss you and pray that you have the spirit in your lives. If you have nothing else, that is enough.
You should read about Grace in the Bible Dictionary. It is Super good!
Les Quierro!
Hermana Sirrine

P.S. Send me Johnny's email and Ill make sure that he get's this :) Oh, and I'd love to hear how his move to SUU is!
PPS I am sending my contacts home. They are cutting my eyes. I will put a letter in the package with instructions on what to do with them. I don't know if ill have time today, but sometime within the next 2 weeks.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

August 9, 2013 Waiting for Visa: Reassigned to Missouri Saint Louis


So, I got my reassignment! Yep I'm stoked! I am going to St. Louis Missouri!!! I will leave AUG 13. I report to the MTC travel office at 2:30am. Oh yes bright and early! I will catch a 6 AM plane to dallas and from dallas get on a 12:50 flight to Missouri.
Can't wait to go out and serve! It's finally really really real!

August 7, 2013 Last week in the MTC

Me an Haley (my roomie)

Two elders that left on sunday Elder Dow(from canada) and Elder Pond (somewhere in ut...) Don't i look tiny?!

Ummm yeah i got notice of reassignment :( so sad. I will get my assignment THURS or FRI so you are free to place you guesses! I am really nervous that I will go somewhere that I won't use my spanish. I have actually heard of that happening a lot. Jennie (my college friend) has not used spanish once and she has been in AZ for 4 weeks now. So pray for that! Also, keep praying that my visa comes quickly!
I will send you more details of travel plans on Th or Fr, not that you will get them, but I suppose you could check it when you come into the marina. Theoretically I will leve M, T, or W at the latest. If I don't leave then, then i will get to spend another glorious week in the MTC. Not really high up on my priority list... We're all ready to go. However my and my comp both agree that we know next to no spanish.... Depending on when I leave I may or may not call ALi/grannee most people leave between 2 and 4:30 am. Not sure they want a call at that time.. Danai got really lucky and had a great leaving time! I will get a calling card here tho and when I am on my way to ARG, if i have time in an airport, I will call home. It is a bummer that you will be out of town tho!
MOM! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE PACKAGE! I really appreciated it. And the sticky things were super good. Sorry to add to your pre-powell crazyness :/ I also really enjoyed your letter. It's nice to get something and feel loved :) Love hearing how you all are doing! I am so sad that my garden is getting destroyed.

We taught over skype this week. It was in the TRC, so they were members but let's just say that was dificult. First of all it was hard to hear, second of all I realized that I don't know spanish. Nope not at all. haha But it was a great experience. We had a nice chat with this lady from Guatamala! 
So since we have no one in our zone, we have had 3 or four teachers all day every day. Sometimes it is a little daunting... but it's nice to have one on one time! However it does get interesting with the varying teaching styles...

So we are supposed to speak spanish as much as we can. So we have started translating songs. (just as songs pop into or get stuck in our heads we translate what we know) This is the song of the week:
Viernes, viernes,
gotta get bajo on Viernes
Fiesta, Fiesta, SI!
Fiesta, fiesta, Si!
Divertido, divertido
(that's all we got...)
It goes to the tune of the Friday song. One of our teachers thought it was so funny. We got some weird looks as we sung that last week! It's sorta catchy though!
On sunday we had a really cool devotional. Jenny Oaks Baker (Elder Oaks daughter) came and did it. She is a very accomplished violinist and almost the whole fireside was her playing. Totally powerful! She also had her 4 kids play us a song. The oldest (12) played the violin, the next girl (10) played the chello, The next daughter (8) played the piano (amazingly i might add) and their little boy (6) played the guitar. They played I am a Child of God and it was SO DANG CUTE! 
Well i love you all! Have fun in powell, i wish i was with you... Spanish it going good(ish) and I have learned so much! I've been studying diligence and it's amazing how prevelant it is in the Book of Mormon. Also, diligence faith and hope go right hand in hand :)
Les Amo!
~Hermana Sirrine
P.S. Sorry if this doesnt make sense, i don't feel good and have been sleeping most of the day...

Friday, August 2, 2013

July 31, 2013

My original Zone

Missionaries returning from a Devotional

My Shrunken District

District Hermanas prior to 4 leaving

With my Companion and Elder Estrada

My Room

Smores Night (grahams, nutella, and popcorn)

I know I start every letter this week... But this week flew! Actually every day flies by. and it all sorta blends together since we do the same thing... so I  never remember what day it is, and  today we realized that tomorrow is August. Shoot! It's crazy to think that in less than two weeks I will no longer be in the MTC. Sometimes I am so beyond ready to go... and others I start freaking out because of what I dont know yet! This week we should get our notice that we are being reassigned, but we wont know where we are going or what day we leave until next thursday or friday. Sorta scary that I wont know where i will be until a couple days before I get there!
Daddy! I loved your letter btw! So in my zone there is this guy from Canada (Elder Dow) and the other day there was a huge discussion (okay it was a bunch of elders yelling just to yell and they had to pic a stupid subject) about Canada VS USA. Honestly, Dow should have known how that would go seeing as everyone else is from America... But it was so funny to watch. Then the next day he comes bursting into our room and said "DOES ANYONE KNOW WHAT A TUKE (i know thats not how you spell that, sorry) IS?!" seriously with about that much energy. AND I DID!!!!! He was so proud of me! Haha it was really funny.
We got a new branch president last sunday and he is so great! Anything you say, he can relate to a scripture. No joke. We were talking about the devotional last night, and he ws just listening and jotting down scriptures that relate on the board the whole time. AND he didnt even have his scripture! I think he can quote most of the standard works. Its really cool to be around someone who knows the scriptures so well!
On Sunday our Distric Leader changed. It has been cool to almost literally see a mantle fall on Elder Thurgoods shoulders. I swear he has grown up in the last couple days. Its amazing to see the power of a calling.
OOO I got a calling! Me and my comp are music coordinaters and My Missionary Portal Coordinators. Yep! Thats right! its soo cool :)
I dont know if i mentioned this, but my zone is disinigrating. I guess they are moving all the Spanish speakers to the West campus, and so they are slowly not adding to zones and just waiting as they dissipate. So my zone is one of those. This means that my zone does not have any new missionaries coming in. My distric is the last. Yep we are forever the babies. Our zone started out huge! It had 5 districts in it and all of them except for ours and the one above us had over 10 ppl in it. However, we still only had about 12 hermanas. Then my second sunday we lost a district, and we have lost one every week since then. We are now down to just my distric (8) and the district above us that also has 8 in it. Seriously my zone is comprized of 4 hermanas and 12 Elders. It is so sad! And the sunday befrore a district leaves we stand in a circle and sing God be with you till we meet again in spanish to them. Its super cool... but way sad at the same time. Our circle is shrinking! This week the district above us leaves, and so my last week it will just be us. Even right now all the callings in the Zone are given to people in my district. haha we run the Zone, and soon we will be the zone.... It's really sad!
We made MTC smores! Ha well it was nutella, grahm crackers and popcorn. It was yummy (i'll send pictures of that) Pretyy much we are all getting fat here. I have gained 4 pounds. My comp has gained 3, everyone else in my district is around 10. Yep! That's MTC food for you!! Pretty much everything here is Chicken. and it's oddly textured... oh well only a little left of it :)
 Mom, I loved hearing about your trip! Sounds like it was quite the adventure! I'd love to see pics :) Pictures are like gold here. That and letters...
Well I have to go, but I love you all. I love it here and I love the spirit that is constant. I  think you'd really have to try not to feel it. This week we talked a lot about branding Christ's name on your heart, not just wearing a badge. This sunday think about that as you take the sacrament. You promise to take name upon you.. but what does that really mean to you? What should it mean?
Les Amo!
Hermana Sirrine

P.S. Here is a list of things that I need. SORRY! (feel free to take money out of my account for it) Make sure that it is sent by next wed or thurs so I make sure I get it before I leave.
AAA Bateries
Zip loc baggie full of Q-tips
Pict of Christ (Simon Dewy, Christ as a shepheard. Head/shoulders shot, my teacher accidently dropped mine behind the white board.)
My green(ish bag) I think it is in the random/hangers rubbermaid in my room. Should be the top left container. make sure you send the bigger bag. not the little one
Brown capris(look sorta cargoish). (in jeans rubbermaid) My teacher told us that doing service in the middle of the summer in BA is AWFUL in jeans.
Foot powder (I have never had a stinky foot problem... but its terrible!)
New Watch (i dont care what it looks like necessarly. Simple neutral color (Brown?). mine is starting to fray  and it wont last my whole mish)

July 24, 2013

Match an Elder

Holy cow it's my half way point! oh man!
Well this last week has been so fast! I feel like p-day wasnt that far away! The days are pretty long, but since every day is relatively the same the weeks mesh together and I never know what day it really is!
So right now we have 4 teachers, wich means we have 4 investigators. (typically you only have 2 but one of our districts left and we didnt get a new one.. so now we have 4) The tricky thing is really taking it seriously and thinking of them as an investigator and not your teacher. Tuesday we were teaching Hermano Beyers, and I think it was our 3rd lesson with him. Before this set of lessons he was a different investigator, Juan, who we taught 5 lessons to. Then he got baptized and Hermano Beyers became a new investigator, Raul. We are also teaching a Roberto, Sylvia, and Ophelia. We teach everyday and sometimes twice and it's really hard to keep what we have taught straight, especially since they are our teachers and sometimes we talk about what we thought/what we will do next time with them. It's hard to keep straight what we actualy taught! This tuesday we taught Raul. Before me and my compainion go into a lesson we always stop outside the door and pray. This particualar lesson it was my turn to pray. As I was praying I said (in spanish which just adds to my not knowing what i'm saying): ".... and please belss Juan.. I mean Roberto... I mean whoever we are teaching!" (This is not the first time I have called him the wrong name. One of my praying for him but saying the wrong name incidences was even during a lesson.) and ya know how it's really hard to not bust up laughing in a prayer? well me and my companinon were not successful. So here we are in the hallway laughing SO hard, and trying to be quiet. The elders that were waiting outside the bathroom were giving us the STRANGEST looks. I am sure they thought we were crazy! Pretty soon we were laughing so hard we were crying. I think it was a solid 5 minutes of us laughing. Finally we pulled ourselves together and knocked on the door. Raul (or Hermano Beyers) opens the door and we take one look at him and loose it again. I mean really loose it. We were once again laughing super hard and he's just staring at us like we are crazy. Which we probably are... So then we say 'lets do this again' and shut the door. We compose ourselves and re-knock on the door. When he answered you could tell he was just waiting for us to start laughing. We go in and sit down and just start laughing. I have no Idea why but we could not get a hold of ourselves, and he is laughing with us. So after another couple minutes we get controll of ourselves and teach the lesson. After a rocky start it actually turned out to be a really great lesson! I think we just needed to laugh...
 Of course the devotionals this week were fantastic! We talked a lot about pioneers and their work. It was really cool! I sorta forgot about that holliday and it took me a while to piece together why all the talks were centered on pioneer work... It's so awesome to sit and reflect on their sacrifice. I don't know who said it, but one of the women in either the Martin or Willy handcart companies said 'it will all be worth it if my children keep the faith' before she died. That is so amazing to me! The sacrifices that have been made for us are huge! I hope that I am living every day to be worthy of their sacrifices. And not just the pioneers' sacrifice, but all those who have gone before me allowing me the oportunity to have the Gospel in my life. Especially the sacrifice of my Savior. I think sometimes we talk about the pioneers at this time of year, but this year I have really been thinking about christ's sacrifice that made their sacrifice worth it.
So my alarm clock is... bipolar. It sometimes goes off.. and othertimes (like when today when i wanted it to wake me up from my nap...) It goes off and hour after it was set for. So obviously we don't use it. SOOO instead we use my companions. Hers is super high tech and you can change the sound of it. the only problem is they are all pretty relaxing. there is no beeping or normal alarm clock sound! What do I wake up to every morning? I wake up to the sound of ocean waves, seagulls, and bells. Yep, i am being serious. It sounds like this nice beach scene. Sometimes it take me a while to figure out what the noise is before I realize it is the alarm waking us up.
Keep praying for my visa! All the otheer hermanas in our zone that leave on monday don't have theirs and we don't get reassignments until the friday before we leave. (little stressful!) However, did you know the reassignment process is just like a normal call? it's totally by revalation, which is really cool. So even if i don't go straight to argentina i know i will still have a fantastic experience.
The scripture of the week is John 14:18 ( v 26 &/or 27 is great too) This one is Christ talking to his diciples before he completed the atonement and then died. It is so simple and yet profound. 'I will not leave you comfortless. I WILL come to you' (emphasis added) I love this. I have such a huge testimony that Christ will not leave us comfortless. He will come to us. Sometimes it take a lot of trial of our faith (ether 12:6) and begging before God (Mosiah 4:19-20) but I know that he will come to you. If you have not heard the story of the footprints in the sand, I would highly recomend reading it. I have the last part of the story printed on a ring I wear, and I know that Christ does carry us. If we choose to see him in our life, we will. Even when we do not ask He is there carrying us. I know God loves us. Christ loves us. and they both desperately want us to succeed. All we have to do is put forth the effort to come unto Christ. (Irying's talk Come unto Me from last conference is phenomenal on this). I love Christ and his Gospel with all of my heart.
Keep Him always with you and I know that he will bless you!
Love, Hermana Sirrine

P.S.The pics are me and danai's weekly pictures, and we had a day where we picked an elder and matched. this is elder Bamgartner (our district leader) and you can't tell super well... but his tie matched my skirt and part of my tie perfectly!
PPS Mom, next week i will send a list of a few things that I need, seeing as this week you are on an adventure!! :)