Sunday, August 18, 2013

August 7, 2013 Last week in the MTC

Me an Haley (my roomie)

Two elders that left on sunday Elder Dow(from canada) and Elder Pond (somewhere in ut...) Don't i look tiny?!

Ummm yeah i got notice of reassignment :( so sad. I will get my assignment THURS or FRI so you are free to place you guesses! I am really nervous that I will go somewhere that I won't use my spanish. I have actually heard of that happening a lot. Jennie (my college friend) has not used spanish once and she has been in AZ for 4 weeks now. So pray for that! Also, keep praying that my visa comes quickly!
I will send you more details of travel plans on Th or Fr, not that you will get them, but I suppose you could check it when you come into the marina. Theoretically I will leve M, T, or W at the latest. If I don't leave then, then i will get to spend another glorious week in the MTC. Not really high up on my priority list... We're all ready to go. However my and my comp both agree that we know next to no spanish.... Depending on when I leave I may or may not call ALi/grannee most people leave between 2 and 4:30 am. Not sure they want a call at that time.. Danai got really lucky and had a great leaving time! I will get a calling card here tho and when I am on my way to ARG, if i have time in an airport, I will call home. It is a bummer that you will be out of town tho!
MOM! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE PACKAGE! I really appreciated it. And the sticky things were super good. Sorry to add to your pre-powell crazyness :/ I also really enjoyed your letter. It's nice to get something and feel loved :) Love hearing how you all are doing! I am so sad that my garden is getting destroyed.

We taught over skype this week. It was in the TRC, so they were members but let's just say that was dificult. First of all it was hard to hear, second of all I realized that I don't know spanish. Nope not at all. haha But it was a great experience. We had a nice chat with this lady from Guatamala! 
So since we have no one in our zone, we have had 3 or four teachers all day every day. Sometimes it is a little daunting... but it's nice to have one on one time! However it does get interesting with the varying teaching styles...

So we are supposed to speak spanish as much as we can. So we have started translating songs. (just as songs pop into or get stuck in our heads we translate what we know) This is the song of the week:
Viernes, viernes,
gotta get bajo on Viernes
Fiesta, Fiesta, SI!
Fiesta, fiesta, Si!
Divertido, divertido
(that's all we got...)
It goes to the tune of the Friday song. One of our teachers thought it was so funny. We got some weird looks as we sung that last week! It's sorta catchy though!
On sunday we had a really cool devotional. Jenny Oaks Baker (Elder Oaks daughter) came and did it. She is a very accomplished violinist and almost the whole fireside was her playing. Totally powerful! She also had her 4 kids play us a song. The oldest (12) played the violin, the next girl (10) played the chello, The next daughter (8) played the piano (amazingly i might add) and their little boy (6) played the guitar. They played I am a Child of God and it was SO DANG CUTE! 
Well i love you all! Have fun in powell, i wish i was with you... Spanish it going good(ish) and I have learned so much! I've been studying diligence and it's amazing how prevelant it is in the Book of Mormon. Also, diligence faith and hope go right hand in hand :)
Les Amo!
~Hermana Sirrine
P.S. Sorry if this doesnt make sense, i don't feel good and have been sleeping most of the day...

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