Friday, August 2, 2013

July 31, 2013

My original Zone

Missionaries returning from a Devotional

My Shrunken District

District Hermanas prior to 4 leaving

With my Companion and Elder Estrada

My Room

Smores Night (grahams, nutella, and popcorn)

I know I start every letter this week... But this week flew! Actually every day flies by. and it all sorta blends together since we do the same thing... so I  never remember what day it is, and  today we realized that tomorrow is August. Shoot! It's crazy to think that in less than two weeks I will no longer be in the MTC. Sometimes I am so beyond ready to go... and others I start freaking out because of what I dont know yet! This week we should get our notice that we are being reassigned, but we wont know where we are going or what day we leave until next thursday or friday. Sorta scary that I wont know where i will be until a couple days before I get there!
Daddy! I loved your letter btw! So in my zone there is this guy from Canada (Elder Dow) and the other day there was a huge discussion (okay it was a bunch of elders yelling just to yell and they had to pic a stupid subject) about Canada VS USA. Honestly, Dow should have known how that would go seeing as everyone else is from America... But it was so funny to watch. Then the next day he comes bursting into our room and said "DOES ANYONE KNOW WHAT A TUKE (i know thats not how you spell that, sorry) IS?!" seriously with about that much energy. AND I DID!!!!! He was so proud of me! Haha it was really funny.
We got a new branch president last sunday and he is so great! Anything you say, he can relate to a scripture. No joke. We were talking about the devotional last night, and he ws just listening and jotting down scriptures that relate on the board the whole time. AND he didnt even have his scripture! I think he can quote most of the standard works. Its really cool to be around someone who knows the scriptures so well!
On Sunday our Distric Leader changed. It has been cool to almost literally see a mantle fall on Elder Thurgoods shoulders. I swear he has grown up in the last couple days. Its amazing to see the power of a calling.
OOO I got a calling! Me and my comp are music coordinaters and My Missionary Portal Coordinators. Yep! Thats right! its soo cool :)
I dont know if i mentioned this, but my zone is disinigrating. I guess they are moving all the Spanish speakers to the West campus, and so they are slowly not adding to zones and just waiting as they dissipate. So my zone is one of those. This means that my zone does not have any new missionaries coming in. My distric is the last. Yep we are forever the babies. Our zone started out huge! It had 5 districts in it and all of them except for ours and the one above us had over 10 ppl in it. However, we still only had about 12 hermanas. Then my second sunday we lost a district, and we have lost one every week since then. We are now down to just my distric (8) and the district above us that also has 8 in it. Seriously my zone is comprized of 4 hermanas and 12 Elders. It is so sad! And the sunday befrore a district leaves we stand in a circle and sing God be with you till we meet again in spanish to them. Its super cool... but way sad at the same time. Our circle is shrinking! This week the district above us leaves, and so my last week it will just be us. Even right now all the callings in the Zone are given to people in my district. haha we run the Zone, and soon we will be the zone.... It's really sad!
We made MTC smores! Ha well it was nutella, grahm crackers and popcorn. It was yummy (i'll send pictures of that) Pretyy much we are all getting fat here. I have gained 4 pounds. My comp has gained 3, everyone else in my district is around 10. Yep! That's MTC food for you!! Pretty much everything here is Chicken. and it's oddly textured... oh well only a little left of it :)
 Mom, I loved hearing about your trip! Sounds like it was quite the adventure! I'd love to see pics :) Pictures are like gold here. That and letters...
Well I have to go, but I love you all. I love it here and I love the spirit that is constant. I  think you'd really have to try not to feel it. This week we talked a lot about branding Christ's name on your heart, not just wearing a badge. This sunday think about that as you take the sacrament. You promise to take name upon you.. but what does that really mean to you? What should it mean?
Les Amo!
Hermana Sirrine

P.S. Here is a list of things that I need. SORRY! (feel free to take money out of my account for it) Make sure that it is sent by next wed or thurs so I make sure I get it before I leave.
AAA Bateries
Zip loc baggie full of Q-tips
Pict of Christ (Simon Dewy, Christ as a shepheard. Head/shoulders shot, my teacher accidently dropped mine behind the white board.)
My green(ish bag) I think it is in the random/hangers rubbermaid in my room. Should be the top left container. make sure you send the bigger bag. not the little one
Brown capris(look sorta cargoish). (in jeans rubbermaid) My teacher told us that doing service in the middle of the summer in BA is AWFUL in jeans.
Foot powder (I have never had a stinky foot problem... but its terrible!)
New Watch (i dont care what it looks like necessarly. Simple neutral color (Brown?). mine is starting to fray  and it wont last my whole mish)

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