Tuesday, October 22, 2013

October 21,2013 What a week!

The photo is me and sister nicholson sqeezing water into a pot from me and sister franks filtered water bottles we were given in the MTC. We forgot to buy water last week and there was no way we were drinking dirt water.


First of all I just want to say that God really helps his missionaries achieve their goals. It's true. The first day I got out into the field I set some goals for my time here in the states. Most of them were pretty simple, just helping me stay focused and productive but one of them was to have a baptism during my time here in the states. I figured that there was no way that was going to happen when I got the call that my visa came in. BUT... it did. Crazy story. There is a 10 yr old who was going to get baptized this past Saturday. The family has been on and off active and he was going to get baptized at 8, but the person they wanted to do the baptizing had to make some changes. For whatever reason it did not happen, and suddenly he is 10 and not baptized. Then his cousin who is 8 was ready for baptism and the family wanted to do it all together. Unfortunately  they did not realize that he is now a convert baptism! Soooo we had to get involved. And for whatever reason the family was adamant that this baptism would happen on the 19th. We had to go through lots of people and eventually got permission to teach all the missionary lessons in 1 night and then have him interviewed for baptism. Poor kid. Way to much gospel knowledge in 2.5 hrs. However, he passed the interview and got baptized this Saturday! Talk about a lot of work!! We had so much to do in 3 days. It was really rushed, but i guess they didn't care, it was still a really special day. Unfortunately we missionaries had way too much on our minds and forgot cameras... :(

This week has been so busy! We have been trying to orient sister Franks, and still  keep up with our busy schedule, and then the last minute baptism. Not to mention I had to speak at the baptism, us sisters spoke in church yesterday, and I am giving a training tomorrow in district meeting. Brutal. And I still have to study for my investigators, and there really is not any extra time to prepare. Let's just say it's crazy. Oh, and I leave on Monday. Yep.

The trees are so PRETTY here. They go RED.  I mean real red. Like nothing I have seen before. I am hoping by this Sunday there will be even more. I will try to send you a picture of it. I have been praying for the leaves to change and it's working!

It's really hard knowing that I am leaving soon... I love this area and the ward so much! Me and sister Nicholson have built this area and I don't even get to see it for the whole 6 weeks! Oh well. It's been amazing to see the growth so far. We have gone from 2 investigators (who we have not even seen by the way) to 13 and a baptism. Heavenly father is truly preparing his children. I also have started switching over to Spanish. I do about half of my studies in Spanish and I understand PMG and the scriptures pretty well. Now I just have to hear and understand... I really need to study this week though.. I am in trouble! Ha ha its gunna be weird to have no idea what's going on when I have been a missionary for almost 4 months already.
It's odd to hear about missionaries being in an area for a long time. In my limited missionary experience, you switch areas and companions every six weeks. Hopefully I can stay in one place a little longer next time!

The members are determined to fatten us up here. It is terrible. We eat at members at least once a day. Sometimes we get dinner and lunch. I think we have cooked for lunch and dinner probably 2 times since we have been here. And unfortunately when missionaries come over it is a special occasion for the member. They always make their 'special' recipe (special usually equates to fattening) and they always have dessert. And they bring all sorts of goodies over. It was a relief for a member to bring us veggies the other day! I have gained a lot of weight. It is terrible. Some of my skirts no longer fit, embarassingly enough. Good thing I will be walking a ton soon! I need it!

My talk this week was on Luke 22:19. Christ passing the sacrament. It was really interesting to study. At first we were told that we had 3-5 minutes, and that there would be another speaker. Then Saturday they called us and said just kidding! You get 15! Soooo... we were scrambling. But it turned out really well and we got really good feedback from the ward. One thing I had not really noticed before was that Christ gives thanks before he passes it. It made me wonder how often I give thanks before I take the sacrament...

Well I love you all so much! I loved the pictures. So cute! Have a great week!
Hermana Sirrine

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