Tuesday, December 17, 2013

December 17, 2013 Hola! What a weird week!

Beautiful sunset!

Amazing view from our balcony


Wow, what a weird week! I left the house twice, let´s just say the small pension got smaller. Good thing it had cute yellow walls. So pretty much the set up was I was always in the house and since I went where there was a trio, they rotated who stayed home with me. The Sisters are amazing! I was with Hermana Sanchez (not my old comp, and she is from Guatemala), Hermana Standly (from Provo, Utah, and she speaks like a native because she was smart and paid attention in Spanish class), and Hermana Fernandez (she is from ARG and she is waiting for her visa to Mexico. She leaves mid January I think). They were so great. I will totally admit there were some really long days, but overall it went pretty quick.
Me and my two comps: Hmna Sanchez on left, Hmna Fernandez middle

Today was transfers, and we all had a really strong feeling that Hermana Standly and I were leaving. Last night we got the calls, and no surprise, Hermana Standly se va. Y Yo no fui! En serio! (Google translate says:  "Hermana Standly leaves and I did not!  Seriously!) So My area is with these awesome girls here in Cabillito. I am so excited. So now I have two native companions. Man am I gunna learn. We were all super surprised to hear that! It´s crazy, pretty much my entire mission has been change after change. These girls are my 10th and 11th companions, and this is my 6th area. I have been out for less than 6 months. I cannot even fathom what it is like for some of these missionaries who have 6 or 7 months in one area! Weird!
I´m also really excited to meet the investigators we have. I have helped plan for them, and studied for them, and heard all about them... and now I get to meet them! I´m excited!

Me and Hermana Standly put together a list of things about Argentina. I will try and not repeat what I have already sent, but thought this might be enjoyable.
-A lot of people don´t flush their toilet paper. Actually most of them don´t. It´s not like the plumbing is really bad... . but in some areas it is so it´s a habit.
-Latinos leave food out forever. Doesn't matter what kind of food it is.
-Most houses don´t have AC so windows are always open. We are lucky, our pension has a small AC unit in the bedroom so we can run it at night. It is bliss
-Everyone has a dog. Everyone´s dog has a dog.
-The bread is SINFULLY good. Seriously
-You have not eaten good ice cream unless you have had it here
-Doors lock from both sides
-Milk comes in bags. So does mayo
-There are bars on every window and doors are real sturdy. Lots of them have bars too.

Some insights that I had this week: (I would tell you about the work.. but my studies were about my extent....)
We are not meant to fit a mold. God does not want or need cookie cutter missionaries, or cookie cutter members for that matter. The gospel is to make good better and better best, not to make everyone the same. This is something that probably sounds stupid, but was a really big thing for me to realize. I think we sometimes as missionaries try to be the same and lose our personalities, when in reality God needs all of us to be unique, because the people we are helping are unique.

The power of Prayer. Well actually, the power of a RIGHT prayer. Over and over in the scriptures we read that if we ask, it will be given. BUT it also says that if we ask, and it is right, we will be given. I think this is the key. If you notice, in many instances when Book of Mormon heroes are liberated, they pray for the Strength to change their circumstances, not to have their circumstances changed. Nephi is a great example of this. When he is bound, he prays for the strength to burst the bands. He still had to make an effort to break them, but with the added strength of the Lord he was able to do so. SOOOO here´s the epiphany. So many times when I have been going through hard times, I have prayed for the circumstances to be different or changed. However, all my life I haven´t been going about it the right way. What we need to pray for more is the strength and guidance to change our circumstances. For example, I should not pray to know the language. But I need to pray for the diligence to listen and learn and have the perseverance to learn this language. Interesting. Along with that thought, the enabling power of the atonement is SO COOL! and amazing, and pretty much I would be nothing with out it. I know with all of my heart that he is with me always and sustaining me physically and spiritually. I hope you all can know and feel that too.

Daily Miracles:

9 Dic- The Tri that I joined has 2 natives, and the other sister talks like a native but is from the states. I am amazed at how much I can understand. I am learning. YAY!
10 Dic- Laughing till it hurts
11 Dic- Today I had the best study time. I was on a spiritual High. I love the scriptures so much!
12 Dic- Today I was sitting on the balcony watching the sunset. It was beautiful! Absolutely lovely. I was filled with such a peace and calming reassurance that god loves me and is with me, I just need to ´look up´and see him.
13 Dic- Hermana Standly told me that she loved having a day to talk and joke and laugh and also do it in English. I am so glad that my presence has been able to help her.
14 DIc- I got to leave the house to go to lunch at the bishop's house!
15 Dic- Today I got to take the sacrament. The lesson in Sunday school had been on repentance, so I was already thinking about Christ and his Atonement, so the sacrament was extra special today. It is truly amazing the literal lifting of a burden that you can feel as you repent, and then take the sacrament.
16 Dic-  The time to have a deep spiritual conversation with Hermana Standly and really refocus and think about what I want in the mission.

Well I love you all like crazy! I hope that you are enjoying the cold (for those of you that have it) and that you think about your Savior and how much he loves you right now!
Les quierro con todo mi corozón!
Hermana Sirrine

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