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December 9, 2013 Hello! Hello!


This has been probably the most humbling, difficult, and spiritual week of my life. Due to my ankle, this past week I have been on crutches. For those of you who have had crutches, you can empathize. For those who have not, I pray you never get to experience it.  Let´s just say I have not worked out my upper body in a REALLY long time. So, we were only going to set appointments (there was no way I could crutch around Belgrano. I thought the sidewalkes were peligroso before...) However, even doing this was extremely painful. I thought that I had learned to pray before, but this week put an entirely new meaning. I have never had to physically rely on the Lord more in my entire life. I felt a LITTLE bit of what the Savior might have felt as he physically suffered to bring salvation to others. Sometimes I just wanted to sit down and cry, but I knew that if we did not go to our appointment this person would not have the spirit in their life that day. There were times where I litteraly felt the Savior help carry me in order to make it a few blocks.
Due to not being able to work a lot, I have tons of study time this week. I loved it. I mean I wanted to be out working so bad, but I love learning about the savior and his teachings. It is especially exciting when I am reading in Spanish and really understand it! This week I really studied Alma 38:5. I am not sure what it says in english... but in Spanish it says ´en proporcion de tu confianza en dios, será librado de tus affliciones etc.... i love that. In proportion to the amount of trust we put in God, we will be liberated from our trials. What a humbling concept.

Having so much time not working really made it special to teach. It definitely made it so that I really tried to put all my attention right then in that moment, because it would be a while before I could teach again.
This upcoming week however, I will not be going out much. They found someone who is looking at serving a mission to be a mini missionary for a week with my companion, so I am going to a different area that has a tri and they will rotate sisters to stay in the house with me. This is quite unfortunate, for them and me, but I need to help my ankle heal, because if it does not... I cant exactly work. So yeah this will be interesting. Then Tuesday is transfers so we will see where I will be next week!

Random tidbit about Argentina, they use Vos (you). It is like vosotros.  I am not sure all of the differences (I am still working on the other 5 conjugations I do use...). As missionaries we are not aloud to use it. it´s pretty casual, and uses the same (I think) conjugations as vosotros. This puts a different spin on understanding! However, it is easier to say vos than usted...

Also, everyone and their dog has a dog here. Seriously. I don´t know how because the apartments are not real big and there is not a lot of park space here. One job that this creates it the job of walking the dog. Yes this is a real big person job. They walk about 10 dogs at the same time! It´s quite interesting to see. Dogs of every size all in this big clump. I am amazed that they get along.

Daily Miracles:
Dic 2- My relationship with my companion feels like it is improving. I have never worked at a relationship more in my entire life!
Dic 3- the elders here are so amazing. I know they did not have time, but they went and picked up crutches, and then our lunch. They are so willing to do anything to help us out. I feel really bad because I know they are busy but at the same time I am so grateful for them!
4 Dic- Today we had the best lesson with Samuel. When I was talking about the Savior and his atonement, I could really feel the power of the spirit. It was really cool to see someone hear and understand for the first time that Christ is their personal savior and knows all their challenges, and how to succor them. At the end of the lesson he told us he knows it is true! I was so happy I wanted to jump up and hug him! (dont worry I refrained) it was really amazing to see how happy he was!
Dic 5- I am so grateful for my knowledge of the Savior. Today I literally felt him lift me and help me to physically do what I needed to do.
dic 6- Today I had the thought to call Anna, and investigator that we had a first lesson with but have not been able to have an appointment with for two weeks, and she answered and we got an appointment for tomorrow! I am so happy!
Dic 7- Today we went to go ask Samuel why he didn't show up to his appointment yesterday, and he was talking with some guy. Hna Snachez didnt want to interrupt them and just go to our next appointment, but I couldn't fathom walking at the moment, so we went up and talked to them. As I was sharing the scripture, Alejandro (the guy mentioned earlier) was riveted. He was super interested in what we had to say, so YAY! New investigator! Oh, and he accepted a baptismal date! WooHOo!
Dic 8-I have the best mission president in the whole entire world.

Les Quierro Monton!
Con todo mi corozón,
Hermana Sirrine

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