Monday, September 23, 2013

September 23, 2013 Transfers are this week!

This is the fattest cat ever. Seriously 28 lbs
This is a card we made for an elder going home. We are so cleaver!

My district. My DL is the one that is in a chair looking like a weirdo (Oh, dad, he's from Canada!)

Whoa! I feel like all I do as a missionary is weekly planning, and p-day. Just kidding. I do WAY more than that. But whenever either one comes it really feels like i JUST did it! Time is FLYING here! Which is really good.

Cutest tire swing ever!
Man this week was crazy. We had so much going on and have been running all over the place. We got an estimate for our car. Guess how much? $3,200 and some odd. Ick. I am so glad that it was not one of us that did it! Poor guy that hit us.

So this week we have done a lot of walking. Due to the ET last week and some poor planning on our part, we are very low on miles and so walking it is! Which I actually really have enjoyed, but let's just say our companionship is not in the best of shape and our bodies are hating life right now. Oh, and my feet, well, good thing I have moleskin. Yeah, real good thing.

Well, as my really obvious subject line suggests, transfers are this Wednesday  and guess what?! I am being transferred !! No one expected that. We all figured I would be here until my visa came, but guess not. I am so crazy excited about it. I am going to be companions with a girl that is in my district, sister Nichols  I love her so very much, so i am quite pleased about it. Oh and guess what?! We are opening a new area! I am not sure weather we are going to be a second set of missionaries in and area, or if the area has been closed and we are re-opening it. I will let you know later. We are going to Murphy's borough, Illinois (i don't think I spelled that right at all) So i won't even be in Missouri anymore! Cool right?! I cannot wait.

Our investigators are doing well. Slowly progressing, but at least most of them are. We had to drop a few this past week, which was really sad, because we love them so much! It's hard to watch some one that you really have come to love not do what they need to in order to have the blessings that they want. We had one that had been progressing really well, but every time his baptismal date would come up, he would drop off the map. He has now had 4. So we were already talking about having a really serious discussion with him and possibly dropping him, and then we saw him. A member that he lives by had gone over to say hi, and he knew that we had been trying to catch up with our investigator, so when he found him home he called us over. When we got there it was super obvious that he was intoxicated with something. We set up a return appointment for a couple days later, because we were short on time. As we were walking out and talking to the member, he expressed his concern and confirmed what we had been thinking about him being intoxicated. Since the member is a law student he then took the liberty of looking our investigator up. Apparently he has been arrested 5 times since Feb. and Once right before each baptismal date. Also, they are for violence and distribution of controlled substances. Crazy. So to be safe, we are not going to go back. Maybe when elders come back to this area...

On a better note, we had a fantastic lesson with Bob W. He has 2 boys, about 20 that live with him and both desperately need the gospel (as does bob, and he's working on it) Bob always has a bunch of people over for Sunday dinner, and usually has at least one companionship of missionaries there. This week there were five of us! as we were leaving we sang God be with you till we meet again, since three of us are being transferred out. Then we bore our testimonies, and it was so very powerful. They were all tearing up. It was amazing! I cannot wait to see what happens with that family.

Since we found out that both me and Sister Dutson are being transferred out, we have stopped by a lot of member's and investigators houses to say goodbye. At each one, we have borne our testimony. It is amazing the power of a simple testimony. God truly does not use the eloquent to spread his gospel. We have been challenging people to write down their testimony, and seal it up. Then, to either give it to some one, anyone, or to keep it and take it out a later point in life. So, Will you all write your testimonies down? ;) I can promise you that it will be strengthened as you do so, and that as you write and share your testimony you will be blessed!

The leaves are just starting to change colors and it is amazing! I can't wait for them all to be colorful! I will send you a picture when they are. I can't tell you how many trees there are here. They are everywhere! Oh and bunnies. there are lots of those too.
Unfortunately dad I cannot listen or watch the clip. Against the rules :( We email at the Library here. Which is nice!

I am learning to appreciate fall. It has been around 70 the last couple days, and it has been amazing. It went from over 100 to 75  so quick, and I am not complaining  Oh, you think i'm crazy in hot weather? I've got nothing on my comp. She wears a cardigan almost every day. Even when it was over 100. I do not know why. She is crazy! And my other companion, well, she is turning orange from too many carrots. We are going to have to ration them...

We had zone p-day and we went bowling. I broke 100 and had 3 strikes! I cannot tell you how proud of myself i was! It was really great! I have never even broken 70 before. Guess with God, all things are possible! right?!

My bowling score! (zone p-day) I am Avita. and I broke 100! First time EVER! I feel so very accomplished.

Pretty much it has been a really good week. We have been real busy, and I have enjoyed it so much. What a perfect way to end the transfer!

Daily Miracles:
16- My studies were STELLAR today. I really got a lot out of them. All 4 hours! Which really is a miracle
17-We figured out that Bob W has a hard time with the restoration. Why could he not just tell us that months ago you ask? Yeah so do we. But that's ok. We now know what we need to focus on!
18- The moon was beyond beautiful today. Crazy beautiful. Looking at it I just knew how much God Loved me right then.
19- We had dinner with some members and they had THREE non members there! It was a really great dinner, and they all accepted a copy of the Book of Mormon. Unfortunately they are not in our area :( but hopefully something comes of it!
20- I finished the book of Mormon! In two months none the less! I am so happy. It was great :)
21- We walked 10+ miles today. Not to mention my 30 min run this morning. You don't want to see what my feet look like... but we all survived! It was a great day. Crazy as it sounds I prefer walking over the car. I feel way more productive. weird.
22- Dick Campana came to church! He has been investigating for over a year and he finally came!!!! So happy!

Love you all so very very much. I love hearing from you!
Les Quierro!
Hermana Sirrine

Make sure to write me at the mission address if you choose to do so. Just put my full name on it. Not that i think there are other Hermana Sirrine's...
1850 Craigshire Rd. Ste 205
Maryland Heights, MO 63146

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