Monday, September 16, 2013

September 16, 2013 Last week of the sad!

Me and my cute companions
The fanciest bank ever. All banks in Missouri are fancy! It's great!

Oh man what a week!
First of all the ET (emergency Transfer) I spent some time much closer to the city of St. Louis, in Frontenanc. It was weird to be in the city! Not that I am in the boonies.. but there is much of my area that is real wealthy and they have lots of land. I guess it was like being on exchanges, and it was really good to see how another missionary works, and ways that I can improve. The change was good!

This was my temporary companion sister Vilingia
Then, we had a TON of appointments fall through, and Lots of plans changed last minute. It was stressful, because I like having plans. That is why we do backup plans I guess! This past week we also spent FRI and SAT volunteering at the Color Run. Sorta like the Color Festival, but you run and people throw color. Sounds fun right? Unfortunately we were just helping out with pre-race stuff... so there wasn't color involved :( But, it was great exposure. There wer 4 or 5 missionaries there at all time, and it was really great because thousands of people had to come through to check in and pick up T-shirts, and they had to talk to us to do it! We started to get questions and it was fun to answer. Also, it was  a great thing for the staff, because they were so appreciative of the help and that we worked hard and happy. Thank goodness it cooled down so we were happy! haha Just kidding it would have still been fun. Just, warm.

Our car got a dent this week. (no dad, I did not do it!) In fact none of us did. We parked in a culdasac while we went to contact and teach a referral (and we even saw and talked to the guy that owned the house we were parked by and he said it was fine) and we come back and there is a real big dent in our car! It was sad! he was so nice tho and left his number for us so we could get it taken care of. Some of the members have given us a hard time about our poor car.

We had the BEST FIRST LESSON EVER this week! it was the seriously! The guy's name is Bob M. (we are now teaching 2 bob's and have a less active named bob that we are visiting. Little confusing if i do say so) Two weeks ago last Thursday we had a mini lesson with him where we gave him a Book of Mormon, and he committed to read the Intro. The next week, we were supposed to have a lesson with him, but he got sick. The day after, we dropped by his house and left him a restoration pamphlet. He told us that he was so excited about our book, and that he was going to meet with us the following week, sick or not. In fact he said 'I don't care how I feel. I'll put a bag over my head." It was great. So Thursday we went back to teach him. When we got there, he was so excited! come to find out, he is in 2 Nephi. No joke! And he had only committed to read the intro! Then, he proceeded to teach us the first lesson, based off what he had gotten out the the Book of Mormon. He gets the apostasy, and we didn't even have to tell him about it. Then, we started talking about Joseph Smith, and he filled in with dates, how long he had to wait to get the plates, and other details. Not only did this guy read the pamphlet, he understood and really learned it. It was AMAZING! he told us he wants to be on the path towards baptism, but he needs to take baby steps. Apparently he has gone to many churches, and he told us that he feels like the book of Mormon is right when he reads it, and he feels like he belongs with us and the member we brought. Talk about someone who the Lord has been preparing! I am so excited for him! Oh, and he would be the best sunday school teacher ever. Just sayin. The main challenge his is going to face is he needs to marry his significant other. but they know that. I asked them if they were married, and Theresa said 'no, we're sinners. I know we need to get married, but i'm reluctant' So we are going to help them get married and then baptize them both :)

I had a really cool experience this week at a member's house. We had dinner, and then sang a song and shared a message. After the song I started sharing my testimony and telling her something (I really don't remember now..) and I knew as I was talking that they were not my words. She started crying, and after told us how grateful she was for us coming  and that we were an answer to her prayers. It was such a great experience for me. it really showed me how much all people need to feel the spirit and be buoyed up, even really strong active members!

Pretty much I love it here. Sometimes it's a little hard not to feel like a 'visa waiter' because everyone asks me about it all the time. I feel very un-permanant. it's weird to know that I am going, but not when. It's not even like I can just worry about it when transfers come up either! that's okay tho, I am enjoying it here. The leaves are just starting to change, and my oh my are they pretty! When they are really changing I will make sure to send you a picture!

I had a really awkward 'you can't hug me because I am a missionary' moment this week. Oh man. So weird. I almost had a huge freak out that a boy almost touched me! i am going to be the weirdest Return Missionary ever! hahaha

I forgot my journal, so I can't send you my 'daily miracles' but i promise they are there! Don't worry!
I love you all so much! I pray for your happiness and that you will have the spirit with you. That is the most important thing in this life!

Les Amo!
Hermana Sirrine
P.S. What is johnny's email so I can email him?
P.P.S. Congrats on being member missionaries!!! That's what it's all about! We never go tracking because we do it all through the members (which is sometimes like glorified tracking, but that's okay, at least you know they might be interested and they do know mormons.)

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