Tuesday, September 10, 2013

September 10, 2013 Another week down. Holy Cow!

Man! I cannot believe that I have been in the field for 4 weeks already. That flew. It's crazy that transfers are already so soon!!!

Well, unfortuantely, our investigator cory dropped his date. Or rather, he is MIA and we have no Idea where he is right now. Sorta frustrating. he seems to really want it, but at the last minute, he keeps backing out. it's hard because we love him so much! Hopefully we can get in contact with him and help him to resolve what concerns he has!

This week we did some service again at our investigator, Bob's house. I wore Jeans. Bad Idea. I didn't realise/ forgot that the MTC food is WAY fattening and people in Missouri feed the missionaries beyond amazing food. (For them it's a special occasion, but for us, we are getting that every night... and so our size is increasing....) Anyway, putting on my jeans re-motivated me to be active! Holy cow! One downside to having a car! So, I am going to make more of an effort to make my 30 min a day really count :)

Monday morning I got a call from the AP's. Of course the first thing that went through my head was "Is my visa HERE?!?!?" Nope. it wasn't, which was disappointing  BUT Instead I got a great opportunity! A sister had to go home because of health issues (not the good part of the story) and since I am in a TRI they asked if i would be here companion for a couple days until they can get her a new permanent companion. Of course I said yes! Due to mission conference this week, they could not get the girl who will be her new comp (who is currently in the Illinois side of the mission) here to her. So, I get to be real close to the city! It's about 30 minutes away from my area and so it's cool to be able to see more of Missiouri! My temporary comp is Sister Vilignia (said vilinia) and i love her so much! I am so grateful for this opportunity to serve with her! She is so great!

Yesterday was Mission Conference (which is why you didn't get an email) and it was amazing, of course. The biggest thing that I learned from it was the importance of evalutating your relationships, and what you are doing daily. It's interesting to see the things that you need to change when you look at a week or so at a time instead of just daily. It was super motivating!

Ya know how in the South they say Ya'll? Well here they say You'ns (or youins i have no idea how you would spell it) and you's. No joke. It's weird. that is not something that I will pick up on!

One great thing they have is pizza! There is this amazing place that has super thin crusted pizza (like cracker thin) and it has a special sauce on it that is sorta normal pizza sauce, but not quite. mom, you would love it. It is so amazing! If you ever come to MO you have to try Imos pizza. So good. Here are a couple MO facts. The roads/ addressed don't make sense. This number sequence would not be weird for house numbers, 12 13 14 20 21 16 17 15 22 23 24. No joke. They really do this. It makes finding people tricky, but that's okay, missionaries are pro. Other weird things, there are multiple roads with trees in the middle. They just split the road and you go around it. (those are two lane roads) it's strange.  Also, everyone has cute doors or wreaths, and mailboxes. I saw a firetruck mailbox the other day. Oh, mom you would love it.. There are round abouts EVERYWHERE! Seriously. Every culdasac has one, and culdasacs are everywhere. Also they just randomly stick them in, and they are beautiful!

We also had exchanges this week, which are so great. They deffinitely help you to step up your game and see the things that you can change to be better. The Sister Training Leaders are amazing and such great examples. That day was also so cool because it was super multi-cultural. We taught a Pakistani, African American, Brazilian, and Russian.  It was so cool! And it was cool to see how even though they all have way different backgrounds, the gospel can bless them! Amazing.

Random part of missionary daily life: We have to back each other. You are not aloud to back up unless the other companion is standing behind you guiding you. i spose that helps prevent accidents, but I am sure it looks real weird to people that are driving by and we are just backing out of a parking stall!

In MO There are tons of frogs. In random places. There are two pics, on of a frog on a door handle to the chuch that scared me so bad when it moved! I did not see him. I made my comps laugh. And another of the tiniest frog I have ever ever seen. He is smaller than my thumbnail!

The work here is going great! I love it. I have found so much joy in sharing the gospel. We have a bunch of new investigators that seem really excited and ready to progress. I am so glad that I am here! I have learned so much from the people that I am around, and my comps. It's really nice to be able to say what I want to in lessons and not struggle for words!

Daily Miracles:
Sept 4:We got a new investigator! And, it came from one of our member referrals. She is amazing and Family is SO important to her! She has the cutest little kids, and loved the Family Proclamation to the World. It's really great to meet people that have really high standards and are already living pretty close to the gospel standards.
Sept 5:We had a phenomenal first Lesson with Rene (a brizilian GUY). He really opened up to us, and he told us that he'd get baptized if he knew it was true. Which is nice to know he's open to it! He has not lived here very long, and has broken english, and I have such a respect for how well he does talk! I now know how hard it is!
Sept 6:One of our investigators asked us a question a couple days ago, about what worship is/how you define it. I hadn't really thought about it. So we told him that we would search for it and get back to him. Today we had a scheduled lesson (that fell through because he was sick) and I found the answer to his question in the last 5 minutes of Language Study! It's amazing what happens at the tail end of whatever you do...
Sept 7: Our companion inventory was amazing. We reset expectations with each other  and we were really able to bring more unity in our companionship. It was so great because we were able to be re-motivated and excited to work!
Sept 8:We have been trying to get in touch with a less active family for weeks! and they keep being busy or cancelling at the last minute. It's been really frustrating. Finally today at 7:15 (after a REALLY Busy day) we get a call from them and they said they wanted to meet in an hour! Boo-ya!  We had a really good lesson with them and it was nice to establish a relationship there and try and get them back at church! It is amazing to find out all of the petty reasons why people may or may not go to church. It really strengthened my reslove to not get offended easily!
Sept 9:Being temporary companions with sister Vilignia!

Well, I think that's all for the week... We have a super full week coming up, and I am so excited for it. I love being busy! There is nothing more frustrating that being unproductive (we had a couple days where we were not feeling good and didn't do much, I almost went crazy!

I'm glad that you are all doing well! Nate, congrats on a better season this year! Dad, I hope your garage and barn go up quickly :)
Alma 23:41-43

Love you all so very very much!
Hermana Sirrine

P.S.Johnny, your sister want's to hear about your life :)

Leigh, these are all Pilot G2 pens. You should be jealous. And then go get them (only at Sam's Club). One of my comps, Sister Dutson collects pens, pencils, and erasers. You two would get along so well.
The other random pic is of a guy's model car collection. The room has 4 walls covered in cars. They were pretty cool. He said that the elders would love just staring at them. I did not have the same appreciation, but they were still cool!

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