Monday, January 13, 2014

Slowly Healing

This past week has been really slow! What a change from the mission. I do have to admit that it has been sort of nice to be able to relax at home, especially being able to spend time with my mom and my little sisters. I had an awesome opportunity to volunteer at the MTC being someone that the missionaries taught. It was a great reminder at how far my Spanish has come! It was also such an amazing feeling to be back around missionaries.
It's been funny adjusting to a few things now that I am not on  the mission. One thing is that it is so quiet at night! In Argentina no one sleeps, so there are always sounds and since we slept with the windows open, we could hear it all. It's been odd getting used to sleeping in a quiet house, in a room all by myself.
My foot is doing better. I got a cortisone shot this week ( i would not recommend getting one, they hurt!) and that seemed to help with the pain. This coming week I go to see the physical therapist, and hopefully I can quickly strengthen my ankle and return to the work that the Lord has for me.

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